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Iran Travel Advice in 2022! (Everything You Must know)

Artin Travel > Blog > Iran Travel Advice in 2022! (Everything You Must know)

Iran Travel Advice( Useful Iran Travel Tips)

11Travel Advice for Iran by Artin Travel

Iran Travel Advice First Tip: Flight

You may not expect flight and airport information to be a part of Iran travel tips. You will soon be surprised upon learning just how many people get confused just because the very basic is unknown to them in foreign countries. Information such as the duration of your flight, the airlines that offer direct or indirect flights to Iran, Airport taxis, and airport hotels are just some of the many Iran travel tips that will save you a great deal of time and confusion.

Duration of your flight to Iran

Regardless of where and when your flight takes off, the duration of your flight is something you should check in advance for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is VISA, a great concern for many who look for Iran travel tips.

Getting a visa is one of the steps everyone must follow to enter a foreign country. Although citizens of some countries can travel to Iran visa free, most travelers should still get a visa to cross the borders. One of the easiest methods of getting your Iran visa we recommend you follow as a part of Iran travel advice, is VISA ON ARRIVAL. Keep in mind that, if you have planned to get your Iran visa on arrival, then you will need to have certain documents and visa fee with you (in cash). Depending on the method you choose to get your Iran VOA, though, the steps you have to follow and the sum you have to pay differs. Learn more about getting your visa on arrival here.


Those who plan on getting a visa on arrival (VOA), picking up their rental cars at the airport, checking in at their hotels right after arrival, or those who just care about the details of their trip will find the duration of their flight to Iran a necessary piece of information. Based on when your flight lands in any of the Iran international airports, you can go about your travel plan right off or you have to wait for a span of an hour to a couple hours to start your “day”.

As a piece of Iran travel advice, we recommend you take these factors into consideration as a part of planning your trip. You can simply contact your airline or use any of the online flight time calculators to check how long your flight will take to land in Iran.

Important Note: Keep in mind that the VOA desk, insurance desk, car rental desks, and hotel booking desks’ working hour begin from 9 am to 2pm, so plan accordingly.

Note: before planning for any part of your trip, don’t forget to set your time according to Iran’s time zone. The formula you have to follow is very easy, as you simply need to add 3.5 hours to the coordinated universal time (UTC + 3:30) to get the Iran Standard Time (IRST). This is one of the most basic Iran travel tips many forgo!

The most frequent flights to Iran

The most frequent flights to Iran are the ones that take-off from Turkey, Dubai, and Qatar and land in the IKA international airport in Tehran, or Mashhad airport. Some of these flights’ durations are:

Doha to Tehran -> 2h 5m+

Dubai to Tehran -> 2h 20m+

Istanbul to Tehran -> 3 hours

Istanbul to Mashhad -> 3h 55m+

Iran Travel Tips: Airlines

Numerous airlines offer flights to Iran from all around the world. From Austria, Britain, and France to Azerbaijan and Kuwait, many flights depart for international airports of Iran every day. Not all of these flights, though, are of the same type.  As you will learn soon on Iran travel advice, some airlines only offer connecting flights to Iran, while some other have nonstop and direct flights. This mostly depends on the city of your departure and the airline of your choice. Here is a short list of a number of airlines that offer direct flights to Iran:

Mahan Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Zagros Airlines, IranAir, Caspian Airlines, Iran Air Tours, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.

11IKA airport in Iran travel to Iran

As a part of Iran travel tips, we offer you to book the car type of your choice before your flight lands if you plan on hiring your own car on your trip to Iran. This way, all you have to do is contact your car dealer and, after showing your identification documents (e.g. passport), get your car key. The easiest way to go about this is to choose the airport of your arrival as the pick-up spot and find your car in the airport’s parking lot.

If you don’t find this Iran travel advice matching with your travel style, you can also choose your hotel as the pick-up place for your rental car for your convenience.

Internet Connection in Iran

The network is GSM, 3G, and 4G. In other words, if your phone carrier has a contract with the Iranian Telecommunication Company, any phone you have from anywhere in the globe will function in Iran (ITC). Hamrah-e-Aval, Irancell, and Rightel are the three companies that provide services.

Do note, that the data connection in Iran is improving by the day. Click to learn more about internet connection and VPN in Iran.

Transportation from the Airport

Iran travel advice’s recommendation: Iran Rental cars

The safest, most secure way of transportation in any foreign country is a private car. Iran rental car services offer you many advantages you can’t find in neither public transportation nor Taxis. Having the freedom to explore is just one of these advantages and perhaps, one of the more important ones if you are traveling to Iran as a tourist. In a totally personalized way, you can plan your travel route with our help and arrange the ideal trip in the comfort of the Iran rental car model of your choice.

Iran travel advice puts emphasis on this transportation method for reasons more than just the affordability of rental cars in Iran! After a simple comparison, it becomes clear that rental cars’ safety, comfort, privacy, and energy-efficacy is more than worth the prices you pay.

It can be a hassle to wait for a train or bus if your plan doesn’t go as smoothly as you want it to go. But hiring a car, which can become an overflow of your journey, gives you the benefit of having your car close by. This way, you can place all your bits and pieces inside your car whenever you want. You can visit places with poor public transport connections, found abundantly among Iran tourist destinations, as well as making a detour or stop anywhere you want as well!

11Best rental cars in Iran travel services
Subway in Iran

If your flight lands at the IKA airport at Tehran and you have no problem finding your way around in the subway, Iran travel tips to you is to take the subway. The subway station near the airport very convenient for tourists. This subway station is located on the Line 1 (the red one) of Tehran subway route, and easily connects every traveler to the heart of the city. Note that this subway line’s working hours start from 6:10 in the morning, and the last train moves at 7:15 pm. You can find the Tehran subway map here, to help you decide easier as a part of Iran travel advice.

Iran Airport Taxis

Airport taxis are insured and among the safest transportation options for those who intend to navigate their way around the city themselves without renting a car, or using public transportation. You will soon learn all you need to know about airport taxis as a small section of Iran travel tips. You can find these taxis in front of the airport entrance at any time of the day or night. Airport taxis come in different models, ranging from Toyota and Sonata to VAN vehicles, and each has its own fixed fare as per IKA’s information. Iran travel advice to you is to book your cab anytime through credible taxi companies especially if you know your flight is going to land in early morning or late at night

11private taxi app in Iran Persian Uber guide
Private Taxi Apps in Iran: Persian Uber

Private taxi applications are another option that travelers find easy to use because of their similarity to other international taxi apps, like Uber. You can pay the taxi fare online or in cash, but remember that credit cards can NOT be used in Iran, so make sure you have the right amount in Iran Standard currency (RIAL). You can find a currency exchange kiosk in the airport, which will come in handy if you want to get your Iran visa on arrival too. You can charge your credit on these apps and use the credit from then on, too. Iran travel tips recommend youto do this if you can make online transactions as an Iran travel advice, for the ease of mind it provides


One of the most basic and important parts of any tour and trip, as well as a mandatory section of Iran travel advice, is your accommodation. Whether you are one of those travelers who wakes up early in the morning to catch the sunshine breaking on the breathtaking sceneries of the nature and go back into your room late at night only to pass out on the coach, or you are more of a stay-in person who cares about lodging level and hotel services: Iran has it all!

Not only you will be able to find hotels of all lodging levels in each city you hit, but there are also unique boutique hotels, traditional houses, and eco-lodges scattered around the country! You merely need to make a choice. Do you want to experience the true rural and traditional Persian houses among locals or would you rather stay at a high-end hotel and enjoy the landscape of the city lain before you?

Iran Hotel Services

Depending on the type of Iran hotel you choose to stay at and its lodging level, the services they may offer you will probably differ. Aside from the standard hotel services most hotels offer, there are also amenities that come as extra and you will have to ask for. Don’t forget to check just what amenities your hotel offers before you book.

Room services, catering services, dry cleaning and ironing services are some of the standard hotel services you can find in almost any standard hotel in Iran. Although, the quality and prices of these facilities vary from one place to another. For example, some hotels offer shuttles for free and some will charge you with a pre-fixed rate. (Most shuttle vehicles are bus or minibus, but you can ask your hotel for a private taxi if you find it more to your liking.)

Read more about Iran tour.

11Persian Hotel services accommodation in Iran

5-star hotels may offer other amenities from flower arrangement and doctor on call, to facilities like gym, spa, computer room, Sauna, and steam bath. You can find the information you need about your hotel on its official website, or have us handle it for you!

Note: As a rule of thumb, you only get what you ask for. This is true in all countries and hotels, as there are a number of facilities in every hotel that are available but not necessary visible! As an important Iran travel advice, we suggest you check with your Iran travel agent or ask the hotel directly for the facilities they may offer in advance.

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Iran Airport Hotels

Depending on your travel intent, booking an airport hotel may prove to be a very convenient call. In most cases, you have to book your hotel before arriving in the country. But sometimes, it so happens that an emergency or just a change of heart causes you to want to find the closest hotel to the airport. It is in those times that our Iran travel advice will come in handy: check-in in an airport hotel.

Two of the closest hotels to the airport of IKA in Tehran are Ibis Hotel and Novotel Hotel.  Both hotels are located within the walking distance from the airport, and are easily accessible for those who may want to book them. Ibis 4-star hotel is connected to the airport through a glass bridge, and Novotel hotel is only 5 minutes away from the airport on foot. This 5-star hotel is also a good choice for both families and business people.

11Everything you need to know to travel to Iran Artin Travel

Iran Travel Tips: Lodging Levels in Iran

Your accommodation level really just depends on your travel style and the tour type you choose. Some of our Iran tour packages have predetermined accommodation levels ranging from basic to superior, sometimes even deviating to eco pods and wild camping! Some of our other tour types allow you to choose the hotel type of your choice. Whether it is luxurious and high-end or a homestay with the locals, the choice is yours.

Economy & Value
Superior & Luxurious

Basic on facilities and guest services but big on warm and welcoming, best sums up this accommodation level. Iran travel advice recommends basic accommodation level to those who are comfortable with sleeping on a cushion on ground at times, and sharing a bathroom with several other guests at other times. These places are friendly, neat, and found in almost all cities. These places include, but are not limited to, local houses, inns, hostels, and motels. Traditional decoration and furniture is a bold part of this Iran accommodation option.

This accommodation level’s name is pretty self-explanatory. Comfortable accommodation level is best suited for those who want to make ends meet without having to worry about sharing a bathroom with others or sleeping on the ground. 3 star hotels are categorized as comfortable on the lodging level spectrum as they offer more spacious quarters with access to both double and single bedrooms. Some of these places provide catering services like breakfast, and some don’t. standard and comfortable furniture and decoration is an element of this lodging level.

4-star and 5-star hotels decorated to a high standard and with greater attention to details are categorized as Superior and Luxurious lodgings. These places provide room services of good quality, delicious local Persian cuisine and, depending on your hotel, international dishes. Luxurious hotel levels are Iran travel advice’s recommendation to those who want to avail themselves to leisure facilities under the supervision of a qualified staff team. Rooms are often equipped with all a traveler may need from air conditioner to freezer and en suite bathrooms.

Sometimes, it so happens that the tour type of your choice conditions you to stay at a place that is neither categorized as basic nor as luxurious. Iran active and adventure tours, as an example, sometimes end up taking travelers to a place where the only sign of civilization is their tour guide and the backpack they are carrying. All these adventure seekers are aware of the fact that they are going to spend the night under a blanket of stars and with a sleeping bag tightly wrapped around them. That is where the CARAVANS and CAMPSITES become the only accommodation option available for these tourists. Iran desert tours are among the numerous active and adventure tours on which you are going to kiss your city-self goodbye and taste the ultimate wilderness experience.

11Iran travel tips traditional house in Yazd

Traditional Persian Houses

Persian traditional houses are the cause of wonder and bewilderment for many tourists. The likes of these Iranian houses do not exist anywhere else in the world. These local houses are often hosted and managed by local families, and many of them can’t be fined in any online booking website because of their conventional nature. From the moment you enter one of these boutique houses, everything becomes purely “Persian”. The meals, the architecture, paintings, furniture, sometimes even the smallest details like the lighting and the personnel’s uniform represent elements of Iranian culture!

If experience is what you value and Iran is your next destination, we recommend staying in one of these Persian traditional hotels on our Iran travel advice. Not only you will get to touch the true Persian lifestyle from up close, but you will also have a chance to spend at least a night in the welcoming and hospitable company of the locals.


Climate-Responsive Architecture

As different cities of Iran have different climates and natural environments, architectural elements of these houses also differ from one city to another. You are more likely to find a house with wooden gable rooftops in the north and dome roofs in the center of the country, for example. This is because the northern parts of Iran have a lot of rainfall and the central regions have arid and desert-like climates.


Too often, finding the best Iran tour will make the most important part of your trip. This is not just a simple Iran travel advice, but a proven fact by experience. The process of planning a trip to any foreign country needs a great deal of time, research, and patience. Keep in mind that the importance of your travel plan and the influence your itinerary has on your travel satisfaction cannot be emphasized enough. All of these are reason enough for you pay great attention to the details of your travel plan.

Each and every one of our Iran tour and travel packages are carefully planned with a day-to-day itinerary available for every interested party to carefully examine. Travel budget, destinations, food, accommodation, transportation, and safety are all taken care of. Iran travel tips illustrates how booking the best Iran tour is made easy. If there are any questions in your mind about any part of each tour plan, don’t hesitate to contact and ask us.

Tailor-Made Tours

The good news is, in case you don’t find your favorite destination or activity in any of our pre-scheduled tours, you can add the item of your choice to any tour type you want. We can extend the duration of your stay in Iran so you can easily visit all the places you want, whether they are Iran UNESCO sites or all the Iran summer destinations. Iran tailor made tours give you the freedom to move things around, cut or trim, and add anything you desire to your travel plan. Learn more NOW

Iran Travel Tips: Safety in Iran

A traveler’s safety in any foreign country is worth the concern it is usually given. Too often novice travelers forgo all safety measures in the adrenaline rush that comes with traveling abroad to a country they have never been to before. And no one can really blame them! it is easy to get lost in the thrill of the adventure, but what is more important is to do your research properly and make sure that no real obstacles is there to spoil your trip.
When it comes to the topic of Iran travel advices, a lot of people ask questions such as: Is Iran safe for tourists? Are solo female travelers in Iran safe? Is it safe to travel to Iran with family? Not only will all of your concerns be answered on our Iran travel advice, but any doubts you may have about traveling to Iran will also vanish.

11Is it Safe to Travel to Iran? Artin Travel

Is Iran Safe?

The short answer is yes, very. In fact, compared to many other destinations in the world, Iran is considerably safe for travelers of all types! Tourists have gone as far as stating that “they have never felt safer in any other countries” and that Iran has been “one of the safest countries they have been to”!

Upon landing in Iran, you will learn immediately that Iranian people bear no hostility for citizens of any other countries, and the myths about Iran are all just that: myths. In fact, one of the boldest part of all tourists’ experience in Iran is shaped by their interactions with the people they meet! Perhaps, the best Iran travel advice one can give is to lay back and let your needless worries go.

Iran is going to be a destination you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

Persian Hospitality

One thing we recommend on our Iran travel advice for you to remember before traveling to Iran is Iranian people’s surprising hospitality. Persian people are known for their warm and welcoming attitude towards travelers and even inviting them for tea or lunch is not unheard of at all. So if a random person comes up to you and asks questions like “do you need any help?” or “how do you like Iran so far?”, don’t be shocked.

Is it Safe for American Travelers to Visit Iran?

Yes, absolutely. Tourists from the United States are welcome to visit Iran. Citizens of the United States will need to have their itinerary and tour guide approved in advance.
Following the itinerary and the directions of the tour guide is required for visa acceptance, thus following the itinerary and the directions of the tour guide will ensure that there are no issues.

Visa Policy for UK, US, and CANADA
Can Everyone Travel to Iran?

Iran is a country with something in its pockets for everyone. No matter what your preferences are, from culture and history to adventure and experience; Iran has it all. Everyone from all around the world, except for Israeli travelers and anyone with the stamp of Israel on their passport, can travel to Iran. citizens of all countries are welcome to get their visa at any given time and fly to this country.

Note: during the time of writing Iran travel advice, the Covid-19 pandemic and its following safety measures are still in effect. That is why visa rules and regulations are a bit different in Iran at the present time. Learn more about this Iran travel advice here.

11Iran safe with family travel tips
Solo travelers in Iran: is it safe?

Traveling solo and backpacking is one of the most rewarding travel styles anyone can choose to travel to any country. As with all other countries, traveling solo to Iran comes with certain challenges and concerns. As Iran travel tips also illustrate, the boldest of which for every traveler is safety. Iran travel advice’s recommendation to anyone who intends to travel solo to Iran is to consult with another solo traveler or backpacker who had traveled to Iran before. Reading the blogs of all solo female travelers and male travelers in Iran is also a great way to put your mind at ease about of Iran’s absolute safety. This way, you will know for sure that Iran is a safe and hospitable country for travelers of all types and from all nationalities.

11solo female traveler in Iran travel advice safety

Our Advice

We Advice you to always travel with a certified and seasoned guide by your side. Not only you will have no doubts left about your safety in Iran, but your guide will also open numerous windows of opportunity to you during your stay in Iran. Information such as the best places to eat, best routes to take, best places to spend the night at, and things to do around the city are all advantages of having a guide by your side. Iran travel tips to you is to remember that can never go wrong with having someone who speaks the local language by your side. Your guide also has connections in each city you hit, which will make your trip easier. This Iran travel advice is also important in case of any emergencies, you won’t have to worry about what to do or where to go.

Iran Travel Advice: Road Safety in Iran

Road regulations in Iran are a little different from European and American countries. Most tourists who visit Iran rent a car with a driver or a driver guide for this very reason. To begin with, the steering wheel is on the left side of the car and not the right side. This on its own is enough to cause many foreign travelers who want to drive their own rental car confusion. But that is not all!

As far as road signs and traffic signs are concerned, Iran uses the same signs as other countries. But Iran travel tips’ recommendation to you is to be wary. Since, there are a couple factors you should be wary of if you want to drive in Iran roads.

First of all, cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad and Shiraz have traffic styles of their own. It is very likely to come across a street filled with a bunch of chaotic and disordered drivers who don’t really care about speed limits. Heavy traffic is also an ever-present element of some highways and main roads in major cities like Tehran. So if you plan on driving in any of these cities, you better prepare read our Iran travel advice about driving in Iran roads here.

Note: keep in mind that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is, similar to everywhere else in the world, prohibited and punishable by law.

11Iran roads safety and driving in Iran

We suggest you to take buses, particularly VIP bus and minibuses, to travel between cities in Iran. The seats are spacious and comfy, and food is provided for the duration of the ride. If your journey is longer than 6 hours, consider taking an overnight VIP bus to save time and money on transportation.

VIP Bus rides are also going to make your journey more memorable as you will be touring each city through a different lens! That is of course, if you don’t want to rent a car (with or without a driver), since rental cars are among the most convenient ways to go around Iran.


Iran Travel Advice: COVID 19 Update

Did you know that you can now travel to Iran again?? Yes, there are only a few requirements for tourists who are interested in traveling to Iran. You can learn about all these requirements and new policies on our Iran Visa News blogpost.

When implementing travel controls in line with the IHR, Iran continues to use an evidence-based and risk-based approach, including the most recent Temporary Recommendations released by the WHO Director-General on October 26, 2021.  All travelers must contribute to public safety by adopting a risk-based approach to international travel During COVID-19 in 2022.

Keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and be vaccinated when the time comes. Regardless of vaccination status, we advise tourists to follow public health and social measures at all times. Other things you could do to ensure your safety include the following.

  • Use masks as needed
  • Maintain physical distance
  • Practice good respiratory etiquette
  • Stay away from crowded and poorly ventilated areas

Iran Travel Advice: FAQ

Can US citizens and UK citizens travel to Iran?

Yes! British and American travelers can get their Iran visa by following the standard procedure of getting a visa (providing documents, filling out the Iran visa application form, etc.). Although, UK and US citizens can’t get their Iran visa on arrival (IRAN VOA).

Do I have to wear a hijab in Iran?

Dress code in Iran for both men and women is worlds apart from the image most tourists have in mind. Although, wearing a loose fitting headscarf is still mandatory since no one likes to actively break the nation’s rules. But Iran travel tips make clear that even headscarves have been turned into an article of fashion for Persian women.

Is bringing alcohol to Iran illegal?

Yes, you are legally not allowed to bring any sort of alcoholic beverages to Iran with you. In case you are carrying and alcoholic drinks with you at the airport, the airport scanners are going to alarm the personnel and you will be asked to remove the illegal items in your suitcase before moving on.

Are there any travel restrictions for Iran during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. The tourist and pilgrimage visa options have been excluded from the e-visa list until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the WHO instructions on unnecessary trips. Iran travel tips to you is to stand by for a notification to be sent to you as soon as things go back to normal. Visas listed above are also going to be, once again, granted.

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