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Tabriz Travel Guide

Tabriz travel guide unveils the capital of Iran in the Safavid era and one of the most significant silk road markets in the Sassanian empire, Tabriz is among the biggest and most beautiful cities of Iran. This city is blessed with lush forests in the north and pristine heights in the south and west.

Tabriz is filled with skilled artisans and craftsmen, making this city’s markets full of prized Toreutics (metalwork) engravings on copper, gold, and silver; fine enamels, delicate pottery, and treasured carpets. Tabriz travel guide is designed to help travelers get a real taste of Iran’s traditions and divine cultural heritage. Tabriz city itself is one of Iran’s top cities any visitor must-see while traveling to Iran as well!

Winter / Summer Temperature

–5.2°C to 10°C / 24 °C to 30 °C

Tourist Attractions

Arasbaran Forests
The Blue Mosque
Babak Fort
The Great Bazaar of Tabriz

World UNESCO site

Tabriz Grand Bazaar

Airports/ Public Transportation

Tabriz International Airport

Rental Car
Taxi – Snapp ( Iranian Uber)
Great bazaar of TabrizGreat bazaar of Tabriz
Arasbaran forests Tabriz travel guideArasbaran forests Tabriz travel guide
Babak fort from above in Tabriz cityBabak fort from above in Tabriz city
Grand bazaar of Tabriz travelartin.comGrand bazaar of Tabriz

Tabriz things to DO and SEE

11Arasbaran forests Tabriz travel guide


Arasbaran Forests

The Arasbaran forests to Tabriz’s north are among the most beautiful and rich natural treasures of Iran. These forests are thriving with wildlife and pristine and dense vegetation, and are home to more than 300 animal species including the Brown Bear, Caracal, Grouse, and Eurasian vipers. These beautiful forests’ refreshing air and mesmerizingly untouched nature have made this place one of the loveliest sights in Iran.


The Blue Mosque (Kabood Mosque)

One of the highlights of the city we included on our Tabriz travel guide is the architectural wonder of the Blue mosque (Kabood mosque).

This mesmerizing structure was built about 600 years ago, and its impressive tile design and mosaic art have remained unique and exquisite to this day.

The Blue mosque finely represents traditional Iranian architecture and Muqarnas art practiced in Islamic structures and domes.

The beauty of this monument is doubled by the artful use of gold, cyan, and azure in this dome’s adornment.

11Tabriz blue mosque Tabriz travel guide
11Babak Fort from above

Babak Fort

Babak fort is a national heritage site which is named after Babak Khorramdin; a Zoroastrian revolution fighter who led a local freedom movement in Azarbaijan. Babak fort was built around 700 years ago, and not much is left from this fort’s exterior walls. Yet, its historical importance is too great to not have a place on our Tabriz travel guide. The climb to this fort’s 2300 meters high peak is popular among tourists for the beautiful nature and the amazingly fresh air hikers get to experience during the climb. Babak fort remains rather mysterious and unexplored, as ancient coins were discovered in this fort by archeologists not many years ago.

Azerbaijan – Rastak 

Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

The great bazaar of Tabriz is the only historical and cultural UNESCO heritage site in Tabriz, and is the largest covered Bazaar in the world. This Bazaar was one of the main markets in the silk road and for this reason, most of Tabriz rulers tried to keep expanding and renovating this bazaar.

This beautiful Bazaar is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Iran. Naturally, the grand bazaar of Tabriz now has a collection of different architectural styles and designs within its arches and brick walls.

Each quarter of this grand bazaar has something unique to offer. Tabriz handicrafts (pottery, metalwork on plates, accessories and jewelry), Tabriz delicious souvenirs (Ris and Noqa, Baqlava), and Tabrizi Persian rugs are just some of the prized items found in this bazaar.

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What to Eat in Tabriz

Tabriz travel guide exclusive: Best Food in Tabriz

Tabriz is famous for its delicious Koofte (kind of meat balls) and tasty Kebabs, not only among travelers and tourists from other countries but also among people from other cities of Iran. Tabriz traditional foods are many, each deliciously seasoned and flavored with unexpected ingredients. And yet they taste so good that even Iranians favor Tabriz foods over many other cities’ cuisines.

Tabriz Aush (like fruit aush, yogurt aush, tomato aush, Omaj aush) are also some of the popular dishes cooked traditionally by Tabriz locals, and are vegan-friendly as well. Tabriz Aush is recommended to be put on every traveler’s must-try cuisine list.


11Baklava Tabriz souvenir
11Tabriz Koofteh Tabriz travel guide

Tabriz Baqlava is famous for its heavenly juicy texture, and Ris and Nuqa are Tabriz sweets everyone must try at least once in their lives!

Carrot and plum stew, Tare Shoorba, and Tabriz Akuri (called Qiqanakh in Tabriz local tongue) are also included in the lengthy list of Tabriz flavorful traditional dishes.

Where to stay in Tabriz

3-star youth hostels or 5-star grand hotels can be found in different parts of Tabriz. Travelers can choose to book rooms in the holiday accommodation of their choice before visiting this city. Overnight stays at local houses are also one of the options some tourists may prefer over modernized quarters.

11Tabriz hotel

Book your hotel room now

find a hotel that best suits your style

 Best time to visit Tabriz

It may bemuse you to know that Tabriz is named so because of its cold weather, originally meaning fever-dropper in Persian tongue. Because of its geographical location (like other cities in North-west) and the mountains and forests that surround this city, Tabriz is pleasantly cool from mid spring to late summer (late April to August) and very cold during winter and fall. Do take Tabriz travel guide’s advice to heart and visit Tabriz city in late spring and summer, when the forests are green with young shoots and gardens are colorful with budding blossoms.

 Transportation in Tabriz

1.Rent your own private vehicle and relax as your driver takes you to Tabriz city’s tourist spots. You can choose to have a guide with you or tour the Tabriz on your own.

2. Navigate your way through the city using taxis and public buses and make your job easier with navigation applications (like google maps).

3.  Tabriz city guide’s tip: Use the international-friendly on-demand taxi apps (Snap, Tap30) if you don’t wish to rent your car in Iran. These apps are designed for the drivers to drive you to your desired location and drive off afterward.

What to Buy from Tabriz: Tabriz Souvenirs


Tabriz is well-known for its high-quality leather goods, which are popular Tabriz souvenirs. Various establishments throughout the city sell a wide range of high-quality leather shoes and purses. The Bazaar of Tabriz, where many souvenir stores and workshops can be found, is the primary hub of trade for these items.

Tabriz handicrafts are well-known for being innovative and one-of-a-kind. Leather carpets are one of these inventive crafts. Rug, leather, patent leather, and jajim are used to create these goods. Leather rugs can be used in modern homes as stylish mats, simple and unique tablecloths, and cushions among other things.

11Persian leather hand crafted souvenir
11Baslogh traditional Persian sweet in Tabriz travel guide

Baslogh (Basloq)

Basloq, also known Lokum, has a smooth and tender texture, and it “melts on your tongue,” as Iranian people say. This well-known sweet is known in Turkey as “Lokum,” a name that differs slightly from its Iranian counterpart. The Persian version of this treat is baked using rose water, lime juice, flour, and gelatin powder.

Rose water is a significant part in Baslogh that gives it its savory flavor. Persians were the first to create steam distillation of crushed rose petals, which is now widely utilized in Persian sweets and chocolates. By reading Tabriz travel guide you will also learn that basloq is also one of the ever-present sweet on Yalda night, served among the other popular desserts of this night.

Qurabiya (Ghorabieh)

Qurabiya is a little peanut-based biscuit. The first time this dessert was made was in the 7th century AD in Iran. This cookie was given the name Qurabiya because it was strange to people when it was created. This treat is made using sugar and almonds in certain recipes.

This dessert was made from almond flour, sugar, egg whites, vanilla, margarine, and pistachios by Tabriz residents. For an evening snack or before lunch, qurabiya is served with tea. Tabriz residents are quite competent at cooking this pastry, and it is of exceptional quality. Tourists visiting Tabriz love these soft disk-shaped treats as souvenirs.

11ghorabieh Tabriz souvenir what to buy from Iran Persian cookie

Tabriz Culture

11Tabriz culture Tabriz travel guide

Tabriz is the most populated city in northwestern Iran, as well as one of Iran’s ancient capitals and the current capital of the province of East Azerbaijan. The city and its environs are famous and popular tourist destinations since they are green, rugged, and urbanized. Its rich cultural heritage has left behind magnificent mosques, cathedrals, and fortifications for posterity to enjoy. This city is also a summer resort due to its cold winters and mild summers.

The centerpiece of any vacation to Tabriz, according to most people, has to be enjoying the wonders of its historic bazaar. This UNESCO World Heritage site, which was a key commercial hub along the Silk Road and prospered during the Safavids in the 16th century, is among the most magnificent bazaars in the country and world. In October 2015, the World Crafts Council also recognized Tabriz as the World Carpet Weaving City and Exemplary Tourist Town of 2018.

Tabriz Travel Guide: FAQ

How far is Tabriz city from Tehran?

The grand city of Tabriz is 633 kilometers (393 miles) and a 7-hour ride away from the capital city of Iran, Tehran.

What is Tabriz city best known for?

The city of Tabriz is famous for having the most delicious Kababs in the country! Tabriz is also known for the beautiful hand-woven
rugs found within this city’s grand bazaar.

What are the must-try foods in Tabriz?

aside from the delcious Persian Kababs that Tabriz is famous for, Tabrizi Koofteh is one of the must-tries Persian cuisines
in Tabriz. Tabriz also has a colorful and tasty collection of AUSH like Tomato Aush and Yogurt Aush.

What are Tabriz city's highlights?

Tabriz city is a beautiful and modern city with a great number of natural and cultural highlights from the Grand bazaar of
Tabriz to the lush forests of Arasbaran, both of which are among Tabriz city’s WORLD UNESCO SITES.

What are the popular places in Tabriz?

Unesco site of Arasbaran forest, the Kabud Mosque, Babak fort and the Unesco site of the great bazar of Tabriz are all Tabriz
city’s highlights.

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