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Shiraz Travel Guide

11Shiraz travel guide-

Shiraz travel guide is designed with the purpose of introducing this city’s rich nature and colorful architectural designs, which are made even more attractive thanks to the UNESCO world heritage center of Persepolis ruins not far from the city. Shiraz is naturally, on the list of best Iran cities.

Shiraz is the poetic soul and the romantic essence of Persia. This city is filled with the aroma of sour oranges and wildflowers in spring, and bitter olives and musky pines in fall. Saadi and Hafez, two worldly renowned poets of Iran, rest in this city and their mausoleums are visited by tourists all year round.

Winter / Summer Temperature

–7°C To 15°C / 28 °C To 42 °C

Tourist Attractions

Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid)
Pasargadae -Vakil Complex
Arg Karimkhani ( Karim Khan Citadel)
Nasir ol Molk Mosque (Pink mosque)
Naranjestan Garden ( Bagh-e Naranjestan)
Eram Garden
Tombs of Saadi and Hafez

World UNESCO site

Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid)
Naranjestan Garden ( persia Garden)
Eram Garden( Persian Garden)

Airports/ Public Transportation

Shiraz International Airport
Bus – Subway(2 lines)
Taxi – Snapp( Iranian Uber)

Persepolise-Persian UNESCO world heritage sitePersepolise-Persian UNESCO world heritage site
11Persepolise-Persian UNESCO world heritage site

He sung Darius great and good,  

        By too severe a fate  

    Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen,  

        Fallen from his high estate.  

    And weltering in his blood;

    Deserted at his utmost need  

    By those his former bounty fed;  

On the bare earth exposed he lies  

    With not a friend to close his eyes.  

With downcast looks the joyless victor sate,

        Revolving in his alter’d soul  

            The various turns of chance below;  

        And now and then a sigh he stole,  

            And tears began to flow. 

John Dryden

Shiraz things to DO and SEE


The ancient ruins of Persepolis tell tales of the most ancient civilization, where the king of kings took up residence and built one of the World’s greatest archeological sites, and where the very same king fell from his regal throne as the city was burnt to the ground.

Grand open-area roofs were supported only by a minimal number of slender columns, the throne rooms were so majestic that the kinds of which are UNSEEN anywhere else to this day, and the city itself was partly cut out from a mountain! But this world UNESCO site is more than just a grandiose architectural creation.

Persepolis was, and still is, a picture representing the most magnificent features of the Achaemenid Empire, where the representatives of all states visited to pay their respects to the King. This stately touristic spot is not only a highlight of Shiraz travel guide, but of Iran, Asia, and all around the World.

11Eram garden in Shiraz-UNESCO world heritage

Eram Garden ( Persian garden in Shiraz)

Eram Garden is home to some of the most beautiful natural and classic attractions of Iran. This luscious garden is filled with rosy redbuds, lush European ash trees, golden willows, and soft, Silverleaf poplar timbers. Ripened fruits and the refreshingly transparent lake that flows in this Garden have turned its atmosphere into one of heavenly spirits. This Persian garden is a favorite of all travelers on Shiraz travel guide.

 It may intrigue you to know that this garden’s name is inspired by the story of a man who tried to create a garden resembling heaven on earth. Eram Garden may be the closest form of heaven Iranian architectures tried to recreate (and succeeded in doing so).

Nasir -ol molk mosque (pink mosque)

The Pink mosque and its gorgeous structure is one of the most historically important highlights of the Shiraz travel guide. This monument was built in 1888 by the order of a Qajar ruler, and its marvelously pink hallways (the result of the sunlight hitting the rosy glass windows) were inspired by European designs and were deployed for the first time in traditional Persian architecture of mosques.

Pink is not the only color used in this mosque’s stained glasses, and the full glory of Nasir-al Mulk shines through when the sunlight hits the brilliant blue and crimson red glasses of the interiors of this mosque.

11nasir ol molk mosque in Shiraz
11Vakil mosque from outside

Vakil Complex (Mosque, Bazaar, Bathhouse)

Vakil Bazaar, Vakil mosque, and Vakil bathhouse are Karim Khan’s peerless gifts to Shiraz. Each of these monuments is special and singular in style and architecture, and are alive and visited by tourists every year to this day. Vakil mosque is a magnificent example of the Zand dynasty architectural style. The 48 tall stone columns of this mosque are masterfully carved and scraped with fine details, making this mosque one of the most beautiful religious monuments in Iran.

Vakil Bazaar is an important cultural and historical center in Shiraz. This bazaar’s building process took 21 years to complete, and its constructive design was inspired by the Lar bazaar. Vakil bazaar used to be famous for its unique ventilation system, which employed small wind catchers and traditional structural means called JamKhane. 

11Narenjestan Qavam garden- merchandise families of Shiraz

Qavam House Garden

The Qavam Narenjestan Garden (also known as Qavam House) is a grand estate built by the order of Qavam khan, the minister of foreign affairs during the ruling of Naser al-Din Shah. This impressive garden and the majestic manor built within its grounds were constructed masterfully by the best architectures of the time. Qavam house is also one of the most valuable tourist attractions of Iran.

As one of our Shiraz travel guide’s highlights, it puts a vibrant and showy, yet classic palette of Iran’s grandeur on display which hosted international guests and visitors. As you may have already realized, flowers and fragrant fruits are mingled with Shiraz. This garden is no exception, and it’s filled with beautiful seasonal flowers, sour-orange and palm trees, and a beautiful set of small fountains stretching in the middle of Narenjestan garden.

11Saadi tomb in Shiraz

The tomb of Hafez and Saadi (Hafezieh and Saadieh)

The tomb of Hafez and the tomb of Saadi are two of the most popular tourist attractions of Shiraz. The tomb of Hafez and the tomb of Saadi are two of the most popular tourist attractions of Shiraz. 

11Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

These beadings’ grandeur and majesty are partly responsible for these landmarks’ popularity among travelers, but the customs and traditions of these monuments make up the bigger part of what makes these places special.

Travelers put their faith in Hafez and, after a short customary ritual, open his Divan of poetry next to Hafezieh to see what the master of words reveals of their fates.

Dreamers and lovers, the young and the elderly, the believers and the skeptics all drop a coin in the Howz of Dreams (fountain of dreams) next to Saadieh mausoleum and wish for it to make their dreams true.

Shiraz Traditional Music

This song is a traditional piece from the city of Shiraz, sang beautifully by the traditional Persian band, Rastaak. There is a tradition among Shirazi nomad people, in which people sing songs about the beauty and elegance of the bride, which is both sad and happy. this song is the recitation of what most Shirazi people sing, sang and performed masterfully by this Persian band.


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11Shiraz must try foods-travel guide

What to eat in Shiraz

Shiraz is known for its diverse cooking methods and unique pilafs (polo, rice-based dishes).

  • Shirin polo (a dish made with chicken, orange peels, saffron, and sliced nuts)
  • Shekar polo (tangerine peels, sugar, and almond are the main ingredients of this dish)
  • Havij polo (prepared with carrot, cinnamon, and beef)
  • Shirazi polo (fixed with chicken, barberries, and eggplant)

These are some of the most famous dishes cooked in Shiraz.

Take this one from our foodie experts’ advice on Shiraz travel guide, and don’t forget to try Faloodeh on your trip to Shiraz. Even the city itself is famous for this delicious dessert. Faloodeh is served cold and can be found both in street food corners and dessert shops.

Salad Shirazi is another traditional tasty side dish that is served best by people of Shiraz but is prepared by all Iranians for its unmatched taste.

11Shiraz Hotel reservation- travel guide

Where to stay in Shiraz

As one of the biggest and most splendid cities in Iran, Shiraz has some of the most splendid and beautiful hotels in all country. Whether it is a 3-star hostel or a 5-star hotel you are looking for, Shiraz provides it for you.

Local houses are also available for those looking for a real-life experience of living in this lovely city.

looking for a hotel ?

Make a reservation at Top hotels in Iran

Best time to visit Shiraz

Shiraz is absolutely marvelous from late April to early May, as orange blossoms are blooming all around the city and the heavenly smell of sour-orange flowers and early orange blossoms waft through the air, dousing this city in the delightful fragrant of nature.

Shiraz is pleasantly cool and gorgeously aesthetic during autumn as well, making this city a suiting destination from late September to mid-November.

11transportation in Shiraz travel guide

 Transportation in Shiraz

Rent your own private vehicle and relax as your driver takes you to Shiraz city’s touristic spots. You can choose to have a guide with you, or tour the Shiraz city on your own. This means of transportation is specifically highlighted on our Shiraz travel guide for the ease of passage it offers to all travelers.

On-demand (international friendly) taxi applications are available and operating in Shiraz. They are safe, fast, and convenient; and can be shared with other travelers or hailed privately. Navigate your way through the city using taxis and public buses and make your job easier with navigation applications (like google maps).

Note: At the time of writing Shiraz travel guide, the COVID 19 virus has spread globally and health services are still struggling to cope. Thus, it is not recommended to use public transportation means at the present time.

11what to buy from Shiraz Iran best cities travel guide

Shiraz Souvenirs: What to Buy from Shiraz

Shiraz Travel Guide: Foody Souvenirs

Faloodeh Shirazi

According to legend, Faloodeh was the first frozen dessert ever created. The story mentions that Faloodeh goes back to roughly 400 BC, and was created by Persian folk mostly by chance. Flavoring syrups fell on snow and people learned they could be changed into a delectable treat, and Eureka. Whatever its origins, Faloodeh is a delicious sweet native of Shiraz, referred to as Shirazi Faloodeh.

Faloodeh is a traditional Persian dessert with a granita of rice noodles. Iranians usually flavor Faloodeh with rose water, lemon, and fruity syrups. Faloodeh is sold at almost every ice cream shop in Iran, and it hasn’t lost its popularity despite its traditional nature.

Faloodeh is typically paired with pistachio- and honey-flavored Persian-style ice cream, which is similar to Western ice cream. This famous Iranian treat is distinguished by its blend of flavors and textures and it would make a tremendous hit at a dinner party, or to top off a romantic evening for two, especially mid-summertime.

11Faloodeh Shirazi Iranian food Artin Travel
11Masghati shiraz souvenir Artin Travel


Masghati is an aromatic Persian dessert rich in saffron and rosewater flavor. This traditional Persian dessert is the ideal sweet to serve with your afternoon chai! In Shiraz, people garnish Masghati with pistachios and almonds, then serve with the drink of their choice (which is, to no one’s surprise: tea).

Masghati’s history dates back to two centuries ago. One of the chiefs of Larestan town had emigrated to Oman at the time. His grandchild discovered the recipe for Muscat Halva during one of his visits to Muscat and took it back to Iran. In time, Persian cooks developed their own versions of this recipe and gave the name Masghati to this dessert.

Masghati is a fragrant dish that’s so delectable it can quickly become anyone’s favorite. This Persian treat, interestingly, most popularly has the appearance of a diamond. Just like the famed Indian dessert Kaju Katli! nevertheless, it has a totally different taste that will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Herbal Distillates 

Because its unique climate, Shiraz has many gardens and vineyards and as a result, a wide variety of herbal plants grow in this city. That’s why herbal distillates are plentiful in Shiraz, and selling them has become a lucrative business. The distillates of orange blossom and Pussy willow are two of the most famous distillates in Shiraz, largely popular among locals and tourists.

Shiraz is actually quite famous for its orange blossoms, which is one of the city’s signatures. This fruit is used in the preparation of herbal extracts and other domestic uses. Orange blossom syrup, orange blossom tea, and other goods made from these aromatic blossoms are also very popular. Dried blossoms from these aromatic blooms can be purchased in markets and traditional herbal places.

11orange blossom tea in Shiraz Artin Travel

If you visit Shiraz in the spring, especially in late April and early May the entire city is flooded with the aroma of orange blossoms. At times, some of the city’s gardens would be closed so these blossoms are harvested using a special machine.

Shiraz Hand-Crafted Souvenirs

11Shiraz Persian hand crefted souvenirs Artin Travel


In Iran, glassblowing is the process of creating various utensils and products from melted material using old techniques such as blowing and mold-blowing. In most glassblowing workshops, there are two or more gas furnaces for the simultaneous use of multiple kinds of glass materials in beautiful colors.

This Shiraz travel guide won’t get into the details, but the process generally consists of a dam (end of a glass blowing pipe), which is pushed into the melted material during the blowing process, and a bar (adhering glass), which is taken out after some rotation. Glassblowers blow the bar with the opposite side of the blowpipe. The outcome is the creation of a little sphere known as gooyeh-aval.

11Glassblowing in Shiraz Persian craft Artin Travel
11enameling art Persian craft shiraz travel guide

Mina Kari

Miniature of fire is the name given to the art of Minakari or Enameling, as well as the use of Mina glaze to decorate metal and tile. Enameling, or Minakari, is the art of painting, coloring, and ornamenting metal surfaces by fusing vivid colors over them in complex designs. Mina is the feminine version of Minoo, which means heaven in Persian. Mina is the name given to the magnificent color Azure in heaven.

In Iran, the designs and patterns created for enamel works are classic designs that vary based on the artist’s style and choices. Copper and silver are the most commonly utilized metals in the Iranian style of enameling. Furnaces, press machines, brushes, and other unique instruments are employed in this old Persian art.

Shiraz Travel Guide FAQ

1.What is Shiraz famous for?

Shiraz is famous for more than its tourist attractions like the pink mosque of Nasir-ol Mulk or the tomb of Hafez and Saadi. This beautiful city is also famous for its delicious Persian food, local sweets, hand crafted souvenirs, and its wine.

2.What to buy from Shiraz city?

Masghati, Faloodeh Shirazi, and Herbal distillates are some of the most famous foody-goods you can buy in Shiraz. Shirazi handcrafted souvenirs like Minakari and glassblowing are also among the most popular Persian souvenirs.

3.What Iranian food should I try in Shiraz?

The most delicious and famous list of Persian food you can find in Shiraz includes Shirin Polo, Havij Polo, Shekar Polo, and Shirazi Polo.

4.What are the most famous shiraz tourist attractions?

Vakil complex, Qavam house garden, Nasir-ol Molk mosque, and Maharloo pink lake are some of the most famous tourist attractions of Shiraz in Iran.

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