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Iranian Tour Operator and Travel Agency


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Iran Tour Packages

11Chehel-Sotoun- palace-Isfahan-
  • Discover Iran beyond media
  • Master pieces of Great Persia
  • Persia Cultural highlights
  • Visiting Isfahan, jewel of Persia
  • Feeling Shiraz, city of Love
11ovan lake- Qazvin- artintravel-cultural and adventure mixed tours
  • Mixture of Culture and Venture
  • Desert expedition and excitement
  • Experience amazing Persia
  • Trekking in Alborz And Zagros
  • Feel Caspian Hyrcanian forests
11ski tours in Iran- shemshak and dizin ski resorts
  • Safari & off-road in Lut Desert
  • Ski in Dizin & Shemshak (FIT)
  • Experience depth of Caves
  • Bike tour around Persia
  • Go diving in Persian Gulf
  • Choose your dream destination
  • Design a mix style trip in Iran
  • Enjoy privacy all tour round
  • Travel in off-pick seasons
  • Flexible tour timing
  • Visit the most picturesque sites
  • Persian food making tours
  • Wedding and honey moon tours
  • Professional Photography tours
  • Handicraft making tours
  • Travel with your children
  • Stress free of fixed timings
  • On-hands experiences for kids
  • Family friendly accommodation
  • Budget friendly packages

Iran Tours & Travel

Diversity is the main attribute of the Iran tour packages we organize. Think about a piece of land spanning 1,6M sq. kilometers, in which you can travel not only to different natural and historical sites but also through time and history! This is more than just a claim, as structures older than 3000 years old still stand in Iran, and serve everyone as reminders of Persia’s great history and culture. Although there is much more to Iran than ancient history and culture. Scorched deserts, lush forests, untouched shores, and incredible national parks attract numerous nature lovers as well as adventure lovers to Iran.

Iran’s touristic attractions are as myriad as they are beautiful, and many travelers worry about not being able to get a glimpse of all Iran has to offer in a single trip. Pave your own way through Iran’s most beautiful cultural and natural spots and don’t forget that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

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11Iran cultural tour packages destinations

Classic and Cultural Tours

Iran is home to 22 cultural world heritage sites. The Tomb of Cyrus the great the ruler of the world’s first superpower in Pasargadae near Shiraz, The fire temple of the goddess Anahita in the ancient archeological site of Takht-e Soleyman, or Persepolis the burnt memoir of the ancient Achaemenid Empire.

These tourist attractions have kept Iran’s glory and history alive, and are just a couple of popular examples among the numerous Iran classic and cultural destinations.  As the name suggests, this tour will guide you through the historical attractions of Iran and dig deep into the cultural aspects of each destination. So, you will be able to explore the history of Iran from about 3000 years ago until today.

Taking one of Iran cultural tours will guide you through some of the most treasured and popular cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kerman, Qeshm island, and the capital of Iran Tehran city. Iran’s history and culture will come alive with the most important tourist attractions which are housed in these cities.

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Most famous historical and architectural highlights of Iran Cultural tour packages:

  • Pink Mosque in SHIRAZ CITY
  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square in ISFAHAN CITY
  • Zoroastrian Fire Temple in YAZD CITY
  • Portuguese Castle in QESHM ISLAND
  • Blue Mosque in TABRIZ CITY
  • Shazdeh Mahan Garden in KERMAN CITY
  • Golestan Palace in TEHRAN CITY

Suitable for: anyone and everyone! All who travel to Iran can take Iran classic and cultural tours as long as they are interested in culture. Our classic Iran tour packages are especially ideal for the Adult travelers who don’t like to engage in active tours and have a knack for history.

Best time to take Iran cultural tours: Our Cultural and Classic tours run all year round, but the best seasons to take this tour type are spring and autumn, starting from March to May, and then from September to November.


What you can add to your tour package: no matter how stately and peerless the places included on your tour itinerary are, you may still desire variety in your travel plan. Good news is, you can include any variations and highlights of other tour types in your trip.

Tip: Remember that the added activities / places of your choice must be in line with your TRAVEL ROUTE and your TIME. (we can’t visit two far off cities on a same day!). That taken care of, the only thing left for you to do is choose! From

  • Nature sighting
  • Forest/desert/mountain trekking
  • Wetland/Salt Lake excursions
  • Stargazing events


  • Handicraft workshops
  • Shopping sprees
  • Cooking events / food journeys

When limited time is coupled with an endless number of valuable spots in the country, decision making becomes hard. We can help you hit every place off of your must-visit places list! Contact us now.

11culture and adventure tours

Cultural and Adventure Iran tour packages

This one is a delightful combination of the Iran adventure tours and Iran cultural tours. If you are looking for a journey through the most historically important and culturally diverse cities of Iran like Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, AND experiencing the excitement of adventure tours, this Iran tour type is for you. Camp under the starry sky of Varzaneh desert after visiting the worldly renowned UNESCO site of Imam Square, or dive into the clear waters of the Persian Gulf after visiting the colorful cave of Namakdan cave in Qeshm.

To give you some ideas, the classical destinations include Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Kerman. Meanwhile, some of the famous adventure tour destinations include the Maranjab Desert, the Lut desert, Hyrcanian forests of north, Mangrove forests south, and Iran caves.

Suitable for: everyone who wants to get a taste of BOTH cultural and adventure tours of Iran! Of course, this tour type usually needs more time since it’s a combination of these two Iran tour packages. Note that, since all such destinations may include a different level of physical difficulty, this tour type may not be suitable for travelers with age seniority or very young ones

Best time to take Iran cultural and adventure tours: these tour types are available all year round but depending on the adventure destinations and activities chosen by the travelers, the ideal time will vary.

What you can add: a special experience to make your trip memorable, including:

  • Photography tours’ paths
  • Persian handicraft workshops
  • Cooking events
11Active and adventure tour package

Active and Adventure Iran Tour Packages

Iran’s central desert landscapes, some of which can be spotted from space, unsullied shores of the south, and green forests of the north are the reason Iran adventure tours are booming so much! Skiing in Iran is loved by adventures from all around the world, and Iran wildlife and nature tours are singular for all the rare animals that the travelers get to see. Adventure Iran tour packages will take you through the most popular spots for each different tour type. Best popular Iran adventure tours among tourists are:

  • Iran skiing tours: Dizin ski resort, Shemshak ski resort, Mount Tochal, etc.
  • Iran hiking tours: Javaherdasht in Gilan, Damavand Mount, Zagros & Alborz mountain range
  • Iran biking tours:
  • Iran Mountain biking tours: Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges,
  • Iran Road biking tours: national parks, roads that are stretched between cities with a biking guide.
  • Iran self-guided cycling tours: depending on your travel style, preferences, and budget; your self-guided cycling tour can be designed to best suit your needs.
  • Iran city cycling tours: Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd, etc.
  • Iran Desert tours: Lut desert, Kavir desert, Maranjab desert, Varzaneh desert, etc.
  • Iran birding tours: Iran deserts, Chalus city in Mazandaran, Kavir national parks, Turan national park, etc.
  • Iran nature and wildlife tours: Iran national parks, Iran deserts,
  • Iran climbing and mountaineering tours: Damavand mountain near Tehran, Alamkouh mountain in Mazandaran, Sablan mountain in Ardabil, etc.
  • Iran caving tours: Ali Sadr cave in Hamedan city, Namakdan cave in Qeshm island, KataleKhour cave in Zanjan, etc.
Artin Travel > Iran Tour Packages

Combination tours are also among the adventure Iran tour packages available. You can take a trip to any of the beautiful countries of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, or Pakistan PLUS taking an Iran tour.

Suitable for: active exploration is a part of almost all Iran adventure tours. That’s why all who choose a tour of this subcategory should have the physical readiness required for their tour of choice! Different adventure tours need different levels of PR, of course. Get in touch to see if you are physically ready to take on an Iran adventure tour now!

Best time to take Iran adventure tours:

depending on the adventure type of your choice, the ideal time for you to visit Iran will vary. For example, early to mid-winter is the best time to take an Iran skiing tour, while mountain climbing tours are best enjoyed from mid spring to early summer.  

What you can add:

Any or all of the Iran cultural highlights, including:

  • Persian Gardens
  • Persian Royal palaces
  • Museums
  • Persian Mosques

Or any of the things you only get a chance at experiencing in Iran, including:

  • Culinary events
  • Persian handicraft workshops (carpet weaving, pottery, metalwork, etc.)
  • Shopping sprees

Or any of the special and experience Iran tour packages mentioned below:

4-Season Country

Seasonal Iran travel packages are available to see the country’s various areas. Iran has a diverse climate:

While the most popular Iran Tour plans are set in the central part of the country during the High Season (Spring and Fall), there are also customizable Iran Tours you can book to visit parts of Iran that are more pleasant in other times of the year. Iran has a lot to offer adventurous tourists during summer and winter. The unmissable Persian Gulf coastline and islands in the winter, and Western/Northwestern Iran in the summer are also very popular with travelers.

11visit Iran with your family Iran tourist places Artin Travel

Family Friendly Iran Tour Packages

Traveling to Iran with your family will surely be an experience you and your little ones will remember heartily for the rest of your lives. With the comfort of your kids in mind, we have designed this tour to be most entertaining and hassle-free. You will most probably want to visit the Book Garden, the National Doll Museum, Isfahan Aquarium, or the Eram amusement park in Tehran if you choose the Iran family-friendly tour package for your trip. The beautiful and famous cities of Shiraz, Tehran, and Isfahan are among our destinations in this Iran tour type.

This tour type is also intended for travelers with special needs and cares. Senior tourists with mobility requirements or travelers with permanent or temporary disabilities can pick a of this type from our wide range of Iran tour packages with their minds at ease. This is done to ensure everyone with every need can get the best of their holidays in Iran.

Suitable for: families with young kids and babies, as well as travelers with different permanent or temporary access requirements (vision, hearing, mobility, etc.)

Best time to take Iran Family Tours: although you can alter your travel plan and choose an Iran tour package of this category any time of the year, we recommend you plan your trip either in Spring or early autumn. This is to make sure that the young ones are not bothered by the chilly weather or the scorching sunlight.

What you can add:

Aside from amusement parks, Zoos, water parks and bird gardens which are already a part of your tour, you can add any of the nature and adventure tour destinations from:

  • Forests
  • Salt Lakes
  • Wetlands
  • Mountains

To other spicy and flavorful experiences like:

  • Stargazing
  • Persian food tour events
  • Cooking workshops

Persian handicraft workrooms

11Special and experience tours

Special and Experience Iran tour packages

This Iran tour type is designed to immerse you with the true Iranian lifestyle and nomadic culture. Spending the night at the local houses, getting a real taste of home-cooked Persian cuisine, and witnessing how traditional Iranian handicrafts are made. If you are curious about the weaving of Persian carpet by the skillful hands of rug weavers, or the making of clay pottery that eventually turns into a traditional Persian teapot; this Iran tour package is the answer you were looking for.

Among the incredible subcategories of Iran special and experience tours, the much-celebrated Honeymoon Tour is also what you should NOT miss if you want to travel through Iran’s most scenic and picturesque spots as just a couple.

Among the many highlights of special Iran tour packages, are:

  • Living among the Nomadic tribes of Iran
  • Exploring handicraft workshops and getting your own training
  • Photography tours through the most beautiful and unique landscapes and historical spots of Iran
  • Persian food tours in which you can cook AND eat Persian cuisine
  • Taking a wellness tour to nourish your body and mind

Suitable for: everyone with an interest in experiencing the true Persian life, art, and culinary. If you are willing to take a step further and dive into the unfiltered Iranian life by experiencing its most beautiful and authentic characteristics firsthand, this tour is for you.

Best time to take Iran experience tours: these tour types are available all year round but depending on what sub-type of this Iran tour package you want, the time of year that best suits your travel intents may differ.

11Iran tailor made tours

Tailor-made Tour Packs

Know that you don’t have to limit yourself to one Iran tour type! You can have a fist full of Iran adventure tours, a pinch of Iran special and experience tours, and a whole bunch of culture and history on your plate!

  • Visit historical and cultural landmarks to your heart content
  • Take any Iran city tour you like
  • Take any of the Iran adventure tour sub category
  • Get the essence of Iranian life with the locals
  • Travel with your family with your mind at ease

Persian Culture: A Journey Much Longer than You Think

Iran’s culture is one of the world ‘s most ancient, and has affected cultures as broad as Italy, Macedonia, Greece, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Asia. Did you know that, previous to the establishment of Islam in Iran, Persians were responsible for the development of Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions?

Iranian culture and historical heritage, as well Iranian people themselves, have a long history of being among the Middle East’s most progressive. Iranians are frequently able to narrate in great detail the country’s history and traditions and all the small and beautiful details of Persian culture.

One of the best ways to get to touch this glorious culture, is through Iran tour packages. But of course, history and tradition are not the only things Iran is proud of! Persian culture goes much deeper, from Persian food culture to traditional Persian music, and Persian formalities which are completely unique to themselves (e.g. Taarof!).

Learn more about etiquette and culture in Iran and plan your trip to Iran will an arsenal full of information!

Ancient Persian Civilization

Click to See Details

From the ruins of King Darius’ palace at Persepolis to the Zoroastrian “Towers of Silence” in Yazd, there are remnants of the Persian Empire’s rich history and active customs everywhere across Iran. Our Iran vacations and trips highlight some of the world’s most beautiful ancient structures.

It’s true that Artin Travel offers numerous tour types, both customizable and pre planned, but the most popular Iran tours have always been Iran cultural tours. Click to see our classic tours.


Is it possible to travel with a female tour guide in Iran?

Yes! You can have a female tour guide or a male tour guide depending on your personal preferences, and your travel style. Our Iran women tours are specially designed with the comfort of women travelers to Iran in private or group tours.

Can I bring my medication to Iran?

Absolutely. You can carry your medication with you if you have your prescription on your trip to Iran, and take them with the least amount of trouble.

Is Iran safe for solo female travelers?

Absolutely. Iran is a safe destination for all tourists and travelers, and is even safer with a tour guide by your side! Reading the travel blogs of all solo female travelers who visited Iran may help put your mind at ease.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

Travelers from some countries need a visa to visit Iran, and some can travel to Iran visa-free! To learn in which group you fall you can read about Iran visa policies or download the Iran visa guide for FREE.

Can I travel to Iran if I’m a vegetarian?

It is entirely possible and easier than you think to be a vegetarian in Iran. The Iran vegetarian food list may give you an insight into the SHEER number of vegetarian Persian food you can find anywhere with no trouble.

Do Iran holiday packages also have a single supplement?

Yes. Artin Travel makes sure that each Iran tour package caters to solos and you can easily take one of our holiday packages and plan your trip to Iran without having to worry about sharing a room with a stranger. Your space is your own but of course, you CAN share a room with other travelers if that’s what you wish.

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