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Artin Travel > Blog > Iran Tour Essential Guide(+LATEST TRAVEL REGULATIONS ON COVID-19)


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If one were to highlight just one thing about any Iran tour, it would definitely be the tour’s flavorful proportions. From which, EVERYONE can find something to their taste. These Iran tours encompass all the country has to offer as a tourist destination hosting a rich culture, lush nature, and unique experiences and activities.

Where Iran especial tours are focused on giving travelers a taste of the pure and authentic Persian essence of life, Iran cultural tours will show you all bits and pieces of the past, with memories of times older than 5th century BC!

11Top Iran tours for travelers and tourists visit Persian Artin Travel

Moreover, Iran adventure and activity tours are designed to take travelers to the best places for each activity of their choice! From skiing to birding, all has been made available for anyone traveling to Iran.

History in Iran Tour

Iran is a land of great culture and history, as everyone who travels to Iran can immediately tell from each tourist destination they visit. History shines brightly between the lines of Iran cities’ books. Each historic attraction of Iran tells a different story from nation-old traditions, legends and folklores, honor, and grandeur.

Signs of the nation’s great culture are visible in the mud-bricks of the historic city of Yazd, tile arts of Tabriz blue mosque, and the burnt remains of the Persepolis city. Iran tours embrace every corner of Iran’s cultural and historical touristic spots, as they are the country’s signature and very popular with tourists from all around the world.

So much so that a great number of Iran tour packages have focused only on the classical attractions of the country! After all, getting to touch the secrets of the past in form of architectural masterpieces and UNESCO world sites’ monuments is not an opportunity tourists find every day.

A Great Nation: As Old as History

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Iran is one of the oldest known countries in the world. Although the huge and ancient Persian Empire was abolished in the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iran continues to wield considerable power in the area, and is frequently seen negatively by Western nations.

However, Iran is not its leadership, and wherever you go, you will be greeted with open arms by people eager to show you the real Iran, not just the headlines. The greatest way to get to see the Iranian culture and the footsteps of ancient Persian is by booking Iran cultural tours.

Ancient Civilization Footsteps

Iran’s civilization is measured in millennia rather than centuries. It was formerly the seat of the huge Persian Empire and a vital link in the old Silk Road trading routes. Ancient civilizations and cultures carried their artwork, architecture, and ideologies throughout the world.

In fact, their impact may still be felt today, with significant sites becoming part of modern communities rather than being fenced off or hidden beneath the sands of time. Iran is also home to some of the most stunning mosques in the Islamic world, including Shiraz’s Pink Mosque and Esfahan’s Shah Mosque.

11Ali Qapu palace in Iran travel and tour
11Historic sites in Iran Ali Qapu Isfahan city

Nature in Iran Tours

Iran’s nature is far more untouched and unique in beauty than many tourist destinations in the world. This is partly because of Iran’s unknown nature as a tourist attraction, and partly because of the country’s varied geography on its own.

There is the Caspian Sea in the north, the Persian Gulf in the south, arid deserts in the central regions, and tall mountains in the west! All of these put on display Iran’s biodiversity as flawlessly and beautifully as possible. Nature is an almost ever-present asset of Iran tours, as it is part of the country’s identity as much as its culture is.

Into the Woods of Iran

Hyrcanian forests in the north are, for example, one of the most valuable Iran tourist destinations as well as one of the two Iran natural UNESCO world heritage sites! These vast ridges of forest are home to numerous plant and animal species too. This makes them immeasurably valuable not only as one of the Iran natural tours’ treasures, but as an important terrestrial ecosystem as well. Arasbaran protected forests in Tabriz and Hara Mangrove forests in Qeshm are the other two most famous and popular jungles on Iran tours.

11Iran nature tours forest in north
11Maranjab desert Iran tour hottest spot
Iran Golden-hued Deserts 

20 percent of Iran’s land consists of deserts and barren lands, and these golden terrains are as important as they are popular on Iran tours. The Lut desert is one of the most famous deserts in the world, as well as the warmest spot on the earth! Lut is the second Iran natural UNESCO world heritage site, and a sight to behold for all nature lovers and fans of desert expeditions. Mesr desert, Varzaneh desert, and Kavir desert are three of the most adored Iran deserts. Tourists visit these deserts year-round but, most popularly, during fall. Each of these mysterious lands is home to numerous desert animals, which are as dangerous as they are rare.

Iran Seaside Sceneries

The two water bodies bordering the south and north of Iran have their collection of wonders to add to Iran tours. To begin with, people who live near the sea have their unique lifestyle, that of the northern people is also different from those in the south! Bandari lifestyle, the lifestyle of people of the southern regions of Iran, is worth a whole tour on its own. The mesmerizing natural sceneries near these two bodies of water are far too many to be mentioned in one paragraph, but some of the most famous of which are: Hormuz island and its red beach, Qeshm island’s great barrier reefs, and Kish island’s beautiful sea life.

11Persian Gulf view of the ocean Qeshm island

Best Iran Tour

Putting your finger on the best Iran tour is way trickier than it may sound. As we previously read, Iran tours encompass all beauties and wonders of the country. Historical, cultural, adventurous, natural, architectural, and purpose-built attractions are just some of the many tourist attractions of Iran.

This causes a lot of tourists to feel lost when they want to choose their favorite Iran tour package. Deciding on your travel aim before booking an Iran tour and going through the many choices you can make, may help you come to a final decision.

Let’s take a look at the most popular special and experience Iran tour groups, starting with a simple explanation to give you an idea about what exactly these tours are:

11Iran nomads tour

Iran Special Tours

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful travel experience, you came to the right place. It may interest you to know that there are tour types you can’t find anywhere else except for Iran. Each of these Iran tours is planned out carefully, with different day-to-day itineraries and different goals in their schedule arrangements. Although, special and experience Iran tours are far greater in number than what we can include here. Yet, reading just about a couple of them is not without its merits either.

Iran Nomad Tours

7 days 6 nights/ Minimum age 18/ high physical difficulty level

We propose Iran nomad tours to those looking for a peerless trip to Iran, to experience the Persian culture and lifestyle of nomads alongside them, and If you want to get away from the routine and exhausting world of crowded chaotic cities. Your journey starts from Ahwaz city, which you are going to fly to from Tehran city.

You are in for a journey deep into the purest and most authentic form of the traditional Persian lifestyle in the most naturally lush and beautiful parts of Iran. At times, there will be no electricity and you will be staying at local houses, where the magic of life shines the brightest among people. Other times you may have to walk as long as the nomadic tribes walk in between green mountains and silver clouds. This special Iran tour needs to be on every travelers’ bucket list for the incomparable experiences it offers.

Iran Nomads Tour- Experience nomadic life and travel with them

Iran Nomads Tour- Experience nomadic life and travel with them

For experiencing a different lifestyle and to get free from the routine and stressful atmosphere of crowded noisy cities we offer nomad tours to those eager to have a different trip in Iran
Iran Khorasan Photography Tour 

8 days 7 nights/ Min age 12/ Medium difficulty level

This Iran Photography Tour is specifically planned for those interested in capturing Persian culture and the intact scenery of the country. On the Khorasan photography tour, you can take brilliant images from the local sceneries of some of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in Iran. Your journey begins from Mashhad city, and will then make its path forward to Neyshabur.

Dazzling and forever mysterious saffron flowers, intact natural landscapes, the mesmerizing array of wildlife, and even street photography subjects are found in abundance in this Iran tour. The only thing you need to do is to prepare the cameras and pack your lenses because you are going to create THE perfect photography album.

Iran Tailor-Made Tours

In simple words, you will be able to tour Iran on your own terms.

Choose your favorite Iran tourist destinations. Then add any activity of adventure or experience subtype to your travel plan, choose your lodging level, food preferences, add your dreams and inspirations, and boom. You have your very own tailor-made Iran tour, customized just for you by an expert team with years of experience. You need advice on where, when, or how-s of your travel? We are here to give you the answers. There may be parts of your Iran tour itinerary that needs trimming and adjusting? You needn’t worry as that’s just a part of our Iran tailor-made services.

Read more about Iran Touristic Destinations.

Why Tailor-made Tours?

Limitations have no place on this tour. Your trip can last long enough to accommodate your itinerary, and it can take place whenever that best suits you. As you previously read, diversity is a bold part of all Iran tours.

Now that you know what you want is right within your grasp, there’s no point in putting off your trip! Contact us today, and we will explain everything in more detail.

Make Your Own Tour

It may just be the time to turn your dreams into reality. Traveling with a partner, family, or alone is best experienced when YOU are the one who chooses your Iran tour’s story.


Esfahak Village and Abbas Abad Region

Iran Tours’ costs and prices

As you can probably already tell, Iran tours come in many shapes and colors! Each of these tours holds something special to itself which can’t be found in any other Iran tour type. Depending on the type of tour you choose for booking, the prices also differ.

For example, you can ask us to only book luxurious, high-rise hotels for you as your travel agent, along with which comes expensive prices. On the other hand, many travelers are comfortable with value and budget hotel-levels in Iran and so, through booking only 3-star and 2-star hotels and hostels, they save up a great amount of money!

Of course, your accommodation makes up only about a part of your Iran tour prices. Expenses such as the rental car type of your choice, the activities, and experiences you want to include on your trip, and your food (including restaurants and cafes) make up other parts of your Iran tour costs.

You already know you don’t need to prepare yourself to pay a large sum for your Iran tour price if you are a budget traveler and prefer group tours and bus tours to private Iran tours. Then again, you may enjoy investing in an extreme adventure trip with crazy price tags! No matter how you look at it, your Iran tours’ prices will be based on your travel style by the end of the day.

Iran Budget Tour

Nowadays, traveling on a budget is more common AND much easier thanks to the convenience of the internet and the helping hands of Iran tour operators. Having someone who has years of experience in the field and numerous sources and connections on your side will give you the advantage of going on an Iran budget tour without sacrificing the quality of your trip! Of course, you can’t expect to spend the nights at luxurious hotels and hire a premium car and still stay on a budget.

Iran budget tours are designed for group travelers, budget travelers, backpackers, and generally anyone looking for a not-so-costly trip to Iran along with valuable experiences. Even if you are not looking for a cheap trip to Iran, you may find our budget Iran tour to your liking!

These tours often make stops at traditional Persian houses and local guest houses for the tourists to spend the night. These houses are not seen anywhere else in the world, and the likes of some of them can’t even be found in the country! Staying at a traditional Persian eco-lodge will give you a taste of Persian hospitality, food, and living style in the truest sense of the term. The value of this once-in-a-lifetime escapade can’t be measured with money since you will also be promoting sustainable tourism by supporting the locals’ economy.

11Persian traditional house Iran budget tours
Iran Hotels instead of Traditional Guest Houses

As a popular alternative to staying at a Persian local house, staying at 2 and 3-star hotels are also included on our Iran budget tours. These hotels are classified as budget / comfortable lodging levels you can learn more about on our Iran travel advice.

For travelers who don’t wish to stress about sharing a bathroom with someone or sleeping on the ground, a comfortable accommodation level is ideally suited. Both double bedrooms and single bedrooms are among your options in these places but, keep in mind that these hotels are modestly furnished and catering services are not always included.

Traveling During the Off-Season


In the travel industry, we split the year into three seasons: peak, shoulder, and off-season. If you are trying to save, the latter is the perfect time to pack your suitcase and book your flight to Iran! during this time of the year, Iran tour operators like Artin provide cheaper Iran tours at a discounted rate. Where cities like Shiraz and Isfahan are filled with crowds of onlookers and travelers from different places in peak seasons, they are less crowded and much more enjoyable for tourists during the off-season.

Why Off-Season?

START & FINISH Calendar Time

The off-season in Iran starts from late December to Mid-April, as well as the whole summer (late June until mid-September). Keep in mind that specific destinations and activities like SKIING in Iran only take place during certain seasons. That means you can’t request a season-specific tour during the off-season period. The tour types that you CAN choose are, however, much more enjoyable during the off-season because at these times, the hotels and Iran tourist destinations are much LESS CROWDED and the prices are CHEAPER.

11Shopping in Iran gift shop Artin Travel

Shopping in Iran

A trip to the local bazaar isn’t the only way to shop in Iran. One of the things that makes it easy is that similar products are grouped together in one section. Whatever you’re looking for, There is a whole list of the greatest streets and distinctive shops in Tehran to meet your demands, from which we hand picked three:

Tehran Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar in Tehran is a fascinating maze. Remember that it features several little bazaars, each of which sells a certain item. As a result, you should determine which sector of the market you wish to shop in. There are also other well-known restaurants around that provide delectable Iranian cuisine, not trying which would be a great waste!

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

The Tajrish Traditional Marketplace is a historic, colorful bazaar that takes visitors back to old Tehran. It has evolved through time in terms of architecture. The original texture, however, has been kept. Make sure you have some cash with you since you will not be able to leave this bazaar empty-handed! The irresistibly lovely goods are wonderful Persian gifts for folks you care about.

Bam Land

Unlike the two previously mentioned traditional Bazaars in Tehran, Bamland Entertainment center is a modernized hub of activity. There is a recreational lake just next to the shopping centers and restaurants, and the fact that you can walk along the lake anytime you feel tired or need something refreshing makes shopping in Bamland considerably more enjoyable.

11Iran tour for Us citizens

Iran Tour for US and UK citizens: is it possible? 

Booking Iran tours is possible for citizens of all countries. US and UK citizens are not exceptions to this statement, and they are welcomed in the country by the hospitable Iranian people. However, for American and British travelers to travel to Iran, they must follow certain steps.

Most of these steps are part of the standard procedure of traveling to any foreign country like getting a visa, and there’s no need to worry about doing any extra work! However, many people still find paperwork and all the documentation unpleasant, to say at least. On top of that, it normally takes up to a month for British and American tourists’ Iran visas to be issued.

That’s why entrusting a local Iran travel agency to do your visa procedure for you is the most convenient way to get your Iran visa. Not only you will be saving your time, but you will also be rid of all the extra paperwork and remove the risk of lacking documentation.


What all American, British, and Canadian Travelers Must Know About Iran tours: 

Iran tours for US citizens are just as flavorful and varied as Iran tours for UK citizens, and travelers from all around the world! the only thing that makes US, UK, and Canada citizens different from travelers of other countries is the Iran visa rules that are specified for them. Certain Iran visa regulations necessitate American, British, and Canadian tourists to book a pre-scheduled Iran tour from a local and certified Iran tour operator to be able to visit the country. In conclusion, not only are Iran tours available for booking for US, UK, and Canadian travelers, but they are actually mandatory if they intend to travel to Iran.

Once you have gotten your hands on your visa authorization code, you can travel to Iran and enjoy the tour type of your choice. This is much easier than it may sound, given that you also don’t need to worry about traveling back to the US anymore. Since 2019, travelers’ visa don’t get stamped in Iran. Instead, you will receive a PAPER VISA you can dispose of after your stay in Iran.

NOTE: since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Iran visa on arrival is no longer issued for travelers who are on the list of eligible citizens who can get their Iran VOA.

Iran tours in 2021: COVID 19 UPDATE

Since the COVID 19 outbreak, traveling has become very challenging, to say at least. Some countries have completely closed their borders and no one can enter OR exit the country. Iran’s government has also put travel restrictions in place, the lifting of which is unbeknownst to everyone.

Following the regulations stated on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran, tourist visa and pilgrimage visa types will not be issued to anyone until further notice. Naturally, all tourists can book Iran tours after the government lifts these travel restrictions. That is, if they plan on visiting the country with an Iran tourist visa or pilgrimage visa. ALTHOUGH WE ARE ALREADY SELLING OUR FALL 2021 TOURS since the COVID vaccination started in full effect!

TIP: you can still book one of our Iran medical tours with a medical visa. If you want to take care of your clinical needs as well as enjoying the numerous beauties of Iran tours: we recommend medical tours.

11travel to Iran during covid 19 pendemic

COVID Update

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after the COVID 19 outbreak, most countries will expect all air passengers entering their home countries to bring a negative COVID-19 test. This test should be taken within three days (72 hours) of their flight back to home from Iran. This is also expected from passengers who want to ENTER IRAN during the COVID pandemic. Passengers with a negative test issued for a longer time than 72 hours will be subjected to medical screening, Corona test, and quarantine upon their arrival.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you already know, the likelihood of you having and spreading COVID-19 is increased by traveling. Stay at home to defend yourself from COVID-19 and others. Keep in mind that in all countries, there are areas where keeping the social distances can be challenging. So, if you travel, take measures to protect yourself and others from catching COVID-19 before, during, and after your trip to Iran.

Iran tour and travel: FAQ

How much do Iran tours cost?

Depending on the type of tour you choose for booking, the prices also differ. Expenses such as the rental car type of your choice, your accommodation, the activities, and experiences you want to include on your trip, and your food (including restaurants and cafes) make up other parts of your Iran tour costs.

Can US and UK travelers book Iran tours?

Yes. Booking Iran tours is possible for citizens of all countries. US and UK citizens are not exceptions to this statement, and they are welcomed in the country by the hospitable Iranian people.

Can I travel to Iran during the COVID outbreak?

Iran tourist visa and pilgrimage visa are not issued because of covid-19 anymore. For other passengers who want to ENTER IRAN during the COVID pandemic, they should bring a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three days of their fligh

Are there medical tours in Iran?

Yes! In fact, Iran has become one of the leading countries in medical services not only in middle-east, but in Asia as well. For this reason, Iran is also becoming a popular medical destinations in the world. learn more about Iran medical tours.

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