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Iranian Tour Operator and Travel Agency


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IRAN TOUR OPERATORS ( Iran Tours | Flights| Car Rental)

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Iran Tour Operators by your side

Artin Travel is one of the customer-friendliest inbound Iran tour operators based in Tehran, Iran. We pride ourselves on our consistent and personalized customer care services!  Our services encompass all you will need on your trip to Iran: Whether it is your Iran Visa procedures, an ideal travel plan whether for business or pleasure, a perfect accommodation fitting your budget, or even a car to rent; we make it happen.

You can always customize your own tour package, or choose one of our many Iran travel packages for your holiday in Iran. Nature, adventure, culture, or perhaps a combination of all? You choose and we make it possible. One of the many services we provide at Artin Travel is making Medical tourism possible for anyone seeking medical procedures with or without tourism activities in Iran.

Our goal is to make all who travel to Iran feel welcome and valued, and our team is ready to assist you and answer your questions at any given time. Before going through the details of our services for you Let us outline advantages of traveling through a local travel agency. Do not hesitate to contact us!

11traveling with tour operators

Advantages of Traveling through a Tour operator

You may ask yourself who needs to plan a trip through a travel agency, or what type of travelers find travel agents’ help most useful? In simple words, everyone! Traveling to Iran through an Iran travel agency offers many advantages, from having your trip itinerary planned by a skilled tour operator, to the expert advice of someone who has been working in the field for years. Regardless of what part of your trip you need help with, whether it is choosing destinations, hotels, time to visit, or simply what to eat!

At Artin Travel, we not only assure your safety and welfare throughout your trip, but we are there to support you with all you need. Whether it is a change of plans, adding a new item to your travel itinerary, or cancellation; we are here to shift things around to assure your comfort. In case of emergencies such as medical emergencies, lost properties, or just a disarrangement in your travel plan we are by your side to help fix your problems as soon as possible.

NOTE: Apart from those who possess diplomatic passports, members of military and intelligent services, pretty much everyone-else can pack their bag and fly to Iran anytime they want. You can submit your request for an Iran visa in as a part of the standard procedure of traveling to Iran right here, or learn more about the Iran visa procedure here.

11choosing a tour operator

Why Work With a Local Expert for Your Trip to Iran

You would probably want to contact Artin Travel Iranian tour company if any of the below applies to you.

  • If you want to go on a private tour of Iran and tailor your itinerary
  • If you’re looking for a specialized travel agency in Iran for a small group
  • If you’re looking for a tour company to run your organized tour of Iran, look no other
  • If you’re concerned about the finer points of a trip and want to work with local specialists
  • you plan ahead of time for specific actions that require approvals
  • If you’re looking for a low-cost travel package to Iran

And so forth.

11best Iran tour operators Artin Travel

Iran is a one-of-a-kind country with distinct characteristics. You’ll quickly see why when you compare it to other Middle Eastern countries. As a result, only Iran travel providers who specialize in this destination will be able to suit your needs.

It is important to choose a company that is well-versed in Iran. The importance of experience cannot be overstated. To recognize how things can be done and dreams can be achieved, travel businesses must have operated excursions here. Iran is not a place where you can expect certain services to be given automatically. Tourism management is a relatively young and a very niche field in this country.

Tips on Choosing the Best Tour Operator

For many travelers, the best tour operators are those who help them save time and money, and understandably so! Too often travelers are faced with a wide range of transportation and accommodation options. On top of that, countless tourist destinations and activities make it hard for travelers to find what they want and make the best decision. Artin Travel will make a cocktail of the best of the best just in line with your travel style, time, budget, and interests.

While choosing a travel agency, you would want to make sure that the company of your choice is as trustworthy as possible. To do so, you can check a number of factors such as their contact info, address, guide information, and customer reviews. Don’t hesitate to send an E-mail to your travel agent if you have any unanswered question, or send them a quote to inquire about their services.


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11Tailor-made tours by iran tour operators


We value our customers’ choices and travel styles, be it backpacking on a budget or a luxurious stay in high-end hotels of Iran, we arrange tours to your advantage and comfort. Of course, we already have a full set of Iran tour packages you can book: from experience-based tours for newly married couples and young adventure seekers to classic and cultural tours for families with small children and senior travelers.

But of course, it is only common courtesy of any Iran tour operator and travel agency to find the shoe that best fits the customer (or craft a new one, in this case).

There is a range of accommodation levels, foods and drinks, transportation options, and activities you can choose from and tailor your own Iran travel package! The end-product tailored tour you get depends on several factors; namely, your budget, the duration of your stay, the season you choose to visit Iran at, and the places you want to include in your travel itinerary.

Make Your Very Own Tour

The greatest Iran tour is one that you are most pleased to start and one that you have been a part of organizing. You can create your own Iran travel pack by hand-picking your preferred activities, tourist attractions, hotel type, and any other aspect relevant to your trip! Our experts will assist you in planning the best Iran custom tour and, if necessary, make changes and alterations to your itinerary at your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

11Car rental services-


To make your stay easier and more convenient, we provide a wide range of rental cars you can choose from. Our full-sized SUV rental cars are just as popular as our economic 4-doors cars among travelers. You only need to rent a car that best suits your needs, and then decide on who you want the car driven by.

A driver-guide whose expertise will come in most handy on your trip, an English speaking driver who drives you to your travel itinerary destinations, or just take over the steering wheel yourself (in which case, you need to make sure you are familiar with Iran road signs and traffic regulations). The car rental services are not mandatorily included among the services Iran tour operators and travel agencies offer, but it is the least we could do while having the ease of our travelers in mind.


As one of the customer-friendliest Iran tour operators, we offer a wide range of Iran visa services that cover just about all parts of the visa procedure: from getting your visa for you down to the very basics of helping you get all the documents you need for your visa ready.

Whether you have already come across the stages of getting a visa or not, you will probably already know what we are about to say. This is a sentiment all tourists and travelers can share regardless of their nationality, because: Visa procedure is, simply put, one of the more confusing and nerve-wracking aspects of planning a trip to another country. Although, it may come as a surprise to you to learn that Iran visa policies have undergone some changes to make traveling to Iran easier for tourists, during recent years. Learn more: button:

The visa procedure of each country can come off slightly frightening, especially in respect of all the paperwork and documentation. On top of that, getting a visa can take up to 2 weeks of your time if you apply as an individual. This is when the help of a certified Iran tour operator can come in real handy!

11Hotel Reservation by iran Iran tour opeartors

ACCOMMODATION: From Local houses to Luxury hotels 

Iran has some of the most beautiful hotels and traditional houses among all travel destinations in the world. An accredited Iran tour operator’s job is not only to provide all available options from youth hostels to high-end hotels, but to also equip its customers with all the information they may need or want to know about each place.

Before choosing a place to spend the night at, there are factors are travelers should take into considerations. ask yourself questions such as: how far do you want your accommodation to be from the city’s center / most popular touristic spot? Or, are you comfortable spending the night at a traditional Persian house and sleep on a cushion? How much money do you want to spend on your accommodation during your trip?

11Best Iran travel and tour operator Artin Travel

The intimacy of your quarters and whether you want to share them or not, the location of your hotel, hotel services, room types, prices, lodging level, and hotel catering are just some of the features you need to contemplate before you book your hotel. Online review websites are great tools to check some of the things off of your worry-list, but they can only help you so much. When it comes to comparing different hotels’ services, locations, and prices, a seasoned Iran travel agency is going to be most helpful.

Tip: keep in mind that many hotels and traditional accommodations in Iran still can’t be booked online. These places are often run by locals and they don’t accept money in any form or shape other than cash! We will be your connecting point to the place of your choice, and handle all work and documentation in your place.

Iran Tour Types


As one of the Iran tour operators that take pride in its customer service and satisfaction, medical tourism is a recent undertaking of our team.

It may interest you to know that Iran has been reported as the 10th top country in the world in terms of value in medical tourism. Many people travel to other countries in search of cheaper treatment and medical assistance. After all, offering a cost four to ten times lower than what American citizens have to pay in their own country, is a quality with merits in its own right. But certainly, not the only quality that makes Iran a worthy destination in medical tourism.

There are many reasons why numerous people choose Iran as their destination for medical tourism. In Canada, people are frustrated by long waiting lines. In Great Britain, patients cannot wait for treatment by the National Health Service; nor can they afford to see a physician in private practice. Iran medical tourism not only has an answer to most of your worries (such as the ones just named), but it also mixes your trip with amazing and unique experiences you can only find in Iran.

Tourists of all nationalities can choose medical tourism as an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable vacation WHILE their medical purposes are all answered along the way!

11prescheduled tours - Artin travel


Our Iran special interest group tours are just as popular as our FIT travel plans and pre-scheduled tours. Whichever category piques your interest the most, we have a unique and hand-picked selection of options that will help you plan your ideal trip to Iran.


Pre-scheduled Iran group tours

Each season, we see to it that a group tour best aligned with the seasonal changes and ceremonial events of the country is scheduled for travelers. Our pre-scheduled group tours are designed to hit the popular destinations of each city while keeping it budget-friendly and classic! Traveling with a group of like-minded people who share your interests is a magnificent bonus of our pre-scheduled group tours. Perhaps doing a bit of reading on our classic and cultural Iran tour packages will give you some ideas about these tours’ highlights.

Group tours offer other advantages as well, from meeting all standard criteria and principles to the detailed travel itinerary that leaves no place for any doubts or second thoughts. But of course, there are a couple downsides to this tour type too. First of all, many tourists find traveling with a group of people they don’t know undesirable.

Knowing the fact that you can’t choose who you travel with and your travel mates may not be very much to your liking can put a dampen on their trip. Secondly, our group tours are fastened and pre-fixed, so no one can add or remove anything to the original travel plan. Naturally, can’t have days off in between your trip days either.



As one of the Iran tour operators that values service mix, we have made sure that none of our customers’ needs and whims goes unanswered. Certain moments and experiences can only happen inside Iran, from which we have built a cocktail of unforgettable events!

Take our honeymoon tours for young, middle old, and old old couples as an instance. These tours are designed to take tourists on a colorful and scenic ride around Iran featuring some of the most beautiful hotels and traditional houses in the country.

Bear in mind that special experience tours are not designed for any specific group, for they stretch from north to south and encompass all uniqueness within the land’s borders (sometimes, even outside the borders). Iran food tours, Iran birding tours, Iran handicraft tours, and Persian folklore and music tours are just some of our myriad Iran special tour packs.


8 Day Khorasan Photography Tour (Saffron, Turquoise Mine & wild life)

For experiencing a different lifestyle and to get free from the routine and stressful atmosphere of crowded noisy cities we offer nomad tours to those eager to have a different trip in Iran
Iran Nomads Tour- Experience nomadic life and travel with them

Iran Nomads Tour- Experience nomadic life and travel with them

For experiencing a different lifestyle and to get free from the routine and stressful atmosphere of crowded noisy cities we offer nomad tours to those eager to have a different trip in Iran


Individual travelers need not worry, as they can fly to Iran as backpackers, drifters, solo female and male travelers, and generally lone wanderers of all types! If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of touching deep into the spirit of Persia, private tours of Iran are perfect for you.

You will have the chance to explore the country at your will, travel around the different cultural, natural, and recreational sites of your choice, and make yourself a trip worth remembering. There is no need to worry about your timing, or lack thereof because you will have a travel plan that fits your liking with the help of our expert team! Say, the ancient ruins of Persepolis in the south or the lush Hyrcanian forests in the north, pick and it will be yours.

11Iran tour operators artin travel-min

Are Iran Tour Operator Services Worth it?

The first step, they say, is the most important in a long journey. However, planning the path is not easy. The decision to travel to a particular location is merely the first step. Then there’s buying plane tickets, booking hotel rooms, figuring out how to travel from the airport to the hotel, planning a schedule that may require fresh hotel reservations and transfers, and so on……

Unless visitors choose to hire a tour operator, tourists must take these steps on their own. In that case, the tour operator will be responsible for the long list of chores outlined above in order to provide a complete vacation package that includes the most interesting tourist attractions.

It’s all about giving the tourist a one-of-a-kind experience, and that’s also the first benefit of using a tour operator. All that being said, it’s safe to claim that hiring an Iran tour operator is completely worth it!

Iran Tour Operators FAQ BOX

What services do Iran tour operators offer?

From planning your trip and your tour itinerary, rental car services, transportation, accommodation, and medical tourism services to the smallest details of your Visa procedure and paperwork are all included as services offered by Iran tour operators.

How to choose the best tour operator for your trip?

Making sure that the company of your choice is as trustworthy as possible when selecting a tour operator is very important. You can check this through a number of variables such as their contact information, address, tour descriptions, and customer feedback.

What are the qualifications of a good tour operator?

When choosing a tour operator to help you plan your travel to another country, you should be sure of their expertise in the field, integrity, familiarity with the country’s travel laws and regulations, and ethics.

What are the different types of tour operators?

Iran tour operators, as well as this field’s workers from all around the world, fall into five major groups: Inbound, outbound, ground, receptive and domestic tour operators.

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