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Best Iran Tours

Best Iran Tours Artin Travel

Have you ever thought what makes a tour the best of its kind? Truth is, not many of us might know the answer. The thing is, there is no one size fit all mode. It is our personal preferences and interests that define how things are. So, any kind of tour might be the best or worst for you.

If you’re planning to visit Iran, you should know that Iran has plenty to offer. From history, culture, arts, and architecture, to nature, Iran has it all! Depending on the time of the year you’re planning to visit, there are a lot of things to try and do in Iran.

Check out our list of best Iran tours, to find out about your options.

  1. Iran Classic Tour
  2. Iran Desert Tour
  3. Iran Ski Tour
  4. Persian Gulf Tour
  5. Nomad Tours
  6. Silk Road Tours
  7. Religious Tours
Best Iran Tours
  1. Iran Classic Tours

On a classic tour of Iran, you’ll visit the major historical cities of Iran in 7 to 15 days. Normally, these tours start in Tehran and go through Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. Sometimes it is also possible to fly to Shiraz after arriving in Tehran, and explore the cities in the reverse order. What makes this one of the best Iran tours is that you will see the major historical landmarks of each city and learn about the culture of Iran. Here is a preview of what these tours hold for you:

  • In the capital Tehran, you’ll explore the metropolis’s current culture shaped by its historical past. You’ll visit grand palaces dating back from 200 to 100 years ago, visit museums, and explore the city’s grand bazaar.
  • Kashan is the city of grand mansions and historical significance. You’ll explore the historical landmarks and eat local food.
  • Isfahan is the capital of arts and architecture in Iran. The city’s historical background from 400 years ago will come alive in colors and patterns in front of your eyes. You’ll also get the chance to visit the Armenian neighborhood of Isfahan and visit its breathtaking churches.
  • Yazd is the mudbrick city of Iran, located near the desert. You can’t imagine a best Iran tour without visiting the city. Besides learning about the city’s history, you’ll see amazing architecture. Here you will also learn more about the Zoroastrian background of their city and visit their landmarks.
  • Shiraz is Iran’s city of poetry and arts. You’ll explore not only the magnificent attractions of city’s near past, but will step into the ancient history of Iran.
  • All the way long, this will make a best Iran tour by letting you try local dishes, interact with the people and culture of Iran, and shop for souvenirs.

Note: Depending on your schedule and preferences, other cities can be added to the tour or the ones included here might be deleted.



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Iran Classic Tours

2. Iran Desert Tours

A considerable amount of Iran’s land is covered by curious deserts. Did you know that the warmest surface temperature has been recorded somewhere in Kalut Shahdad, in central desert of Iran? These deserts are full of one of a kind adventures and exciting experiences. You can:


  • hike up sun-kissed sand dunes to watch the amazing sunset over the desert.
  • camp under the starry sky or the night in a local guesthouse.
  • ride camels and go on safari adventures.
  • visit the cities and villages near the deserts.
  • explore the caravanserais, the water storage and distribution system of qanats.
  • stay in one of a kind guesthouses like Ateshooni Guesthouse, and get a firsthand experience of life in the desert.


Iran desert tours can be operated as extensions of longer tours, to make it truly the best Iran tour for you. Culture and venture tours will let you experience all that you wish with their tailormade tours. The best time to go on Iran desert tours is in the winter, when the scorching heat of the desert is more moderate.

3. Iran Ski Tours


The good news is that the geographical diversity and vastness of Iran make different kinds of pass times possible at the same period of time. This means, after your adventurous exploration of the desert, you can go on a ski tour.


The Alborz Mountain Ranges in the north and Zagros Mountain Ranges in the west and south of Iran have amazing ski resorts. You can use the accommodation offered near the ski resorts to stay for as long as you wish. Dizin Ski Resort in the north and Sepidan Ski Resort in the south are two of the famous ski resorts in Iran.


What makes a ski tour one of the best Iran tours, is the excitement it gives to the traveler. Also, it is a good idea to treat this as an extension. This means you will also be able to add other items, such as touring historical cities or going on other adventures in the nature, to your itinerary.

Iran Ski Tours

4. Persian Gulf Tours


The blue waters of Persian Gulf are home to fascinating islands with spectacular nature. You can visit some of the most beautiful islands in the region and indulge in all they have to offer. With a 3-5 day tour, you’ll be able to:

  • Tour Qeshm Island, the biggest island in the Persian Gulf. Here you will see amazing natural phenomena such as the Chahkooh Canyon, UNESCO inscribed geopark, Valley of Stars, and Mangrove Forests.
  • You’ll visit Hengam Island and watch dolphins swim around. You can also sleep at the beach and see the magical light of the phytoplankton around the seashores.
  • After Hengam you’ll take a boat to Hormuz island, where the red edible soil will keep you company everywhere. Locals make a special spice with this soil too.
  • This can become a part of your best Iran tour if you also visit the coral Kish Island.
  • You can visit the locals or stay in local guesthouses and learn about the local lifestyle on the island.
  • Why not try diving in the blue waters of Persian Gulf?


The best time to go on a Persian Gulf tour is usually in the winter, when the weather is more bearable. On an active and adventure tour, you will be able to enjoy all that Iran has to offer to its guests.

Iran Desert Tours

5. Nomad Tours


Have you ever wondered how people have lived for thousands of years in Iran? Have they all lived in villages and cities, or some have chosen to live another way? Join a nomad tour to see how this kind of life has been around for all these years and how nomads still choose migrating between pastures over settling down. On this tour you will:


  • Visit the mountainous Zagros region and live with the Bakhtiari nomad families.
  • Tour around Iran to get to the Qashqai family further south, and spend some time with them.
  • Meet people with a half-nomadic lifestyle, whose houses have been carved out in the mountains in Meymand.
  • Learn how to put up a nomadic tent, shepherd the herds, milk the livestock, bake bread, and spend the night in a nomadic tent.

You know you have the option to customize your tour as you wish. You can make this one of the best Iran tours by combining it with other classic or active tours.

Persian Gulf Tours

6. Silk Road Tours

If you look for the traces, you can see how an ancient commercial road stretching over the world, has helped some Iranian cities prosper more than others. Why not make this your best Iran tour? According to UNESCO, these cities included: Bam, Hamedan, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qazvin, and Yazd. On a tour through the Silk Road in Iran, you will:


  • Visit the cities and villages along the ancient Silk Road, such as: Tehran, Mashhad, Nishapur, Esfahak, Kharanaq, Yazd, Varzaneh, Isfahan, Shush, Shushtar.
  • Visit the historical landmarks of these cities.
  • Learn about Iranian culture, industries, handicrafts, etc.
  • Try Iranian food.

Silk Road tours can take from 10 to 13 days, depending on your preferences. This will make the best Iran tour, as the journey through the historical roads of civilization, will take you through the current state of the country as well.

Nomad Tours

7. Religious Tour

Iran is home to people follwoing Islamic, Christianity, Jewism, and Zoroastrianism. You can see how they have lived side by side for millennia. Of course, there have been ups and downs along the way, but it has all settled down to harmony and peace. If you like to visit Iran for its religious sites have a best Iran tour by participating in religious rituals, you’d better remember that:


  • During the month of Ramazan, Iranians fast. This means you cannot eat out during the day, until Iftar. Also, unlike other Muslim countries, Ramazan is not exactly a month of celebrations in Iran. So, it is better to avoid traveling in Iran during this month.
  • Moharam is a month of public mourning. Unless you’re interested to take part in the rituals or see what people do, it’s better to change your travel plans to another time.
  • In Mashhad you will find Imam Reza’s holy Shrine. This is a major pilgrimage destination for Muslims.
  • The majority of Christians in Iran live in Isfahan, Tehran, and Tabriz. You will see beautiful churches in Isfahan.
  • Yazd is home to Zoroastrians. For seeing Zoroastrian cultural sites, make sure to visit the city.
Religious Tour TravelArtin

So, as you can see, any tour can be a best Iran tour. It is important to first know what you want, what makes a trip the best for you, and then plan. The good news is that you can customize your tours according to your special preferences and needs.

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