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Iran Rental Car | Self-driven, Guide-driven, Chauffeur-driven
Artin Travel > Blog > Iran Rental Car | Self-driven, Guide-driven, Chauffeur-driven

Iran Rental Cars

CAR RENTAL Artin Travel

We offer a wide range of rental cars from economic and budget-friendly to high-end and stylish vehicles. You can hire an ENGLISH SPEAKING driver to take you to the destinations of your choice in each city, or better yet, rent a GUIDE DRIVEN car and enjoy the picturesque road sceneries as your guide tailors an unforgettable trip for you. Of course, you can also rent a car on your own (SELF DRIVE) and drive by yourself too. Our services are available in all cities of Iran, and you need only choose your PICK-UP destination to get the car of your choice. Each car type is suitable for a different travel purpose; be it VIP BUS or SUV cars. You will soon learn what car type suits your travel style best, and just how much are the RENTAL PRICES for each. 

note: All of our Iran rental cars are FULLY INSURED (CWD) and can be BOOKED ONLINE anytime!

Why Hire a Car in Iran?

Iran is a relatively large country, with attractions of all types scattered in all corners of the land. North, South, East, and West all hold treasures and attractions unique to themselves, missing on which can be a huge waste even if you are not traveling to Iran as a tourist. That’s why covering more than a couple sites of your choice in a day is not always possible, especially if they are in different cities. This makes Iran rental cars a convenient way to get around the country and visit all you wish to see from Iran cities and nature.

Iran roads and streets car rental

Iran Rental Car services : Self Drive, Chauffeur, Guide Driven

You can choose an Iran rental car option from the three outlined for you. Of course, depending on your travel style and travel intention, you may find any of these options suitable!

Self-drive Rental Cars

After renting a car of your choice, you can simply drive around the country and hit all the destinations on your list, or get some ideas from our top Iran cities list. Keep in mind that by renting a car and driving it on your own, the listed services are all on you.

  1. Fuel oil
  2. Police fines and road tolls
  3. Parking fees
  4. Personal expenses
  5. Navigating your way in the traffic
  6. Damage

Driving in Iran roads can be unlike what most travelers have experienced in the past. To begin with, unlike most other countries, you should drive on the RIGHT SIDE of the road in Iran. This necessitates the steering wheel to be situated on the left side of the car. To learn more about Iran road rules, read here.

Chauffeur-driven Rental Cars

By renting a car and hiring a driver to accompany you on your trip, you can plan your private or group tour to Iran with your mind at ease. This Iran rental car option allows you and your fellow travel-mates to venture the beauties of Persia while you are relaxing on the backseats of the car of your choice. Chauffeur-driven cars are:

  1. Among the most requested services for tourists
  2. Popular with both Iran small group tours and Iran big group tours
  3. Priced with the driver’s separate payment in mind (which you will learn about soon)

drivers are well familiar with Iran road regulations and traffic system, making them highly reliable to ride travelers through different routes. You can also ask for a driver who speaks English if you wish.

Guide-driven Rental Cars

Our experienced tour guide drivers come with skillsets that ensure your safety, ease of travel, and ease of mind throughout your stay. Guide-driven rental cars are guaranteed to make your trip distinctive and unforgettable as you are accompanied by seasoned guides who:

  1. Know the best route to each destination
  2. Can show you all hidden treasures of Iran
  3. Can make a change in your itinerary anytime you want, as long as it fits timing
  4. Offer you pieces advice they have gained through years of experience

Note: If you choose the guide-driven Iran rental car option or our chauffeur-driven cars; your police fines, toll roads fees, and car repairs are all covered by Artin travel car rental service.

Rent Your Car Now!

Why not book a car that best suits your travel style and ride from Persepolis to Varzaneh desert in span of a day?

Learn More

Iran Rental Car types: car models for each travel style

To find the car type that best suits your travel style, you will first need to have a general idea of what each car type HAS and what it is GOOD FOR. Below you will find the categorization of Artin Travel rental car services.

We offer a range of safe, comfortable, and luxurious cars for those who want to travel with style and elegance. These cars are perfect for a family vacation, a business trip, or just an enhanced stay in Iran with a safe, stylish, and fun-to-drive car. These cars are usually best suited for 4 adults or adults with children, and have room for a medium suitcase or several small carry-on bags. All of our high-end Iran rental cars are automated, and among the eco-friendlier options on our list. CAMRY and BMW 320i are two of our Luxurious car models available for online booking at any time.

BMW Full option hire a car in Iran Artin Travel

Our Economy class cars are perfect for those who are going for more in-town driving than rough roads and adventure driving. These cars are perfect for couples, families, or solo travelers on a budget. They can easily accommodate several small bags or medium suitcases, and although they are designed to hold 5 adults we recommend you rent a car of this class only if you are traveling as a group of 4 or less people to be most comfortable. Economic car rentals are among our most affordable and popular choices with travelers on a holiday. PEUGEOT SAMAND LX and PEUGEOT PARS are two of these car models you can find on our Iran rental car list.

Economic cars for rent in Iran

Our SUV full sized cars are the ideal choice for in-town driving and well-suited for family adventures and day trips. They can easily fit five adults, or adults with children on their comfortable seats. They typically have 4 doors, and can fit a large suitcase or a medium suit case with several small bags in them. All of our SUV car models have automatic transmission, and are most popular with those looking for a comfortable in-and-between cities ride. TOYOTA PRADO and HYUNDA SANTA FE are two of our SUV Iran rental cars.

SUV full sized car for hire in Iran Travel Artrin

Our VAN vehicles are perfect for those who are looking for a budget and environment-friendly car for large groups or families (up to 13 travelers). Vans are roomy and spacious cars well-suited for long or short road trips. They can easily accommodate at least 4 small or large luggage or packages in them. These cars can also be your ideal choice if you care about headspace and legroom regardless of your numbers. Van vehicles are even popular with couples and senior travelers, as they have a great interior space, high ceilings, ample trunks, and can also be climbed with less effort compared to other spacious cars.

There are also an impressive number of VIP BUS and MINIBUS vehicles available among Iran rental cars for you to hire. These transportation options are best suited for IRAN GROUP TOURS. Our vehicles are the best available in the market, equipped with high quality air conditioners and Wi-Fi. Are you traveling to Iran as a group of 8 to 30 people? Do you want a safe and unique ride throughout the country on a roomy VIP bus or minibus? Our comfortable, large road vehicles are furnished with safe seats and designed to give travelers a peerless experience on their trip to Iran.

minibus vehicle Iran transportation planning

note: All these vehicles have Technical Examination certificates.

Note: if you want to book one of our large road transportation vehicles like buses, minibuses, and vans; you should make your reservation at least a month in advance. You will also need to give us the detailed itinerary of your trip in Iran.

Iran Rental Car Prices

Depending on the listed factors, your Iran rental car prices may vary.

  • The duration of your stay
  • The type of car you rent
  • Who drives your car

The more you want to stay in Iran, the less you will have to pay. Also, keep in mind that all Iran rental car prices are listed per day and not per passenger. Let’s take a look at the PEUGEOT PARS price table to understand how pricing Iran rental cars works:









chauffeur driven car + 40 €

(Driver’s food & accommodation )







Tourism Guide Driven Car + 40 €

(Driver’s food & accommodation )







 As you see, Iran rental car prices are lowered per day the more time you spend in the country. If you hire a chauffeur for the car of your choice, an additional fee of 40€ is added to your Iran rental car cost. That sum will be your driver’s food and accommodation as they will be traveling with you through different cities of Iran (but not staying with you).

Cars driven by a tour guide naturally cost more per day, as you will be getting the valuable experience of traveling with a skilled tour guide on your side. Even if you are not planning on booking an Iran tour package, you can taste an amazingly guided trip to the highlights of Iran cultural sites, Iran deserts and forests, and Iran adventure spots. We guarantee that your guide-driven ride throughout Iran will be well worth the additional fee.

Sightseeing with an Iran rental car

Depending on the car model you want to rent in Iran, the price you will have to pay per day also differs. Our Economic Iran rental car prices range from 20 to 60 per day (depending on your driver) and our luxurious, premium car rental prices vary from 55 to 160 per day WITHOUT taking the driver fee into account.

Insurance and Safety of our Iran rental cars

We are aware of how important car rental insurance is. You can rest assured, as all our vehicles are covered with the most complete and highest level of CDW insurance. On top of that, all members of our drivers’ team are professionals and, with years of experience in driving Iran’s roads, they know the safest, fastest, and the most aesthetically pleasing routes for each destination. They are also well familiar with Iran road regulations and traffic system, making them highly reliable. Our guide drivers can also give you a full tour of the history and national importance of each stop, AND show you the best places in each season on the road, only if you wish them to do so.

Rental Car Pick-ups and Drop-offs

One of the most important points to consider when renting a car in Iran is accessibility. Picking up your vehicle or dropping it off at the airport, is among the most convenient options. As our goal is to provide the best Iran rental car services to our customers, you may pick-up and drop-off your car in any of the domestic AND international airports listed below. These spots are the most popular parking destinations according to our customers’ previous rental records.

Moreover, you can receive or leave the car in our central office in Tehran, other major city centers, or even at the hotel you are staying at.

IKAImam Khomeini International AirportTehran2143
MHDMashhad International AirportMashhad1239
SYZShiraz Shahid Dastghaib International AirportShiraz826
TBZTabriz International AirportTabriz710
IFNEsfahan Shahid Beheshti International AirportIsfahan614
GSMQeshm International AirportQeshm55
KIHKish International AirportKish58
THRMehrabad International AirportTehran537
BNDBandar Abbas International AirportBandar Abbas512
RASSardar-e-Jangal AirportRasht47
AZDShahid Sadooghi AirportYazd44
SRYDasht-e Naz AirportSari34
OMHUrmia AirportUrmia32
KERKerman AirportKerman24
ADUArdabil AirportArdabil22
PGUPersian Gulf International AirportAsalouyeh15
What luxury cars can be rented in Iran

Conditions for renting a car in Iran (plus the documents you need)

To rent your own car in Iran, similar to all standard car rental companies, you must:

  1. Be 19 or above
  2. Provide a credible international driving license
  3. Provide identification documents such as your passport
  4. Pay the rental cost and deposit in cash
  5. Hand us your itinerary in details

Note: by handing your itinerary to us in details, we make sure we can help and support you throughout your trip, and provide the necessary maintenance (if needed). You do not need to worry about your personal information, as we value our customers’ privacy and all your documentations are safe with us.

Mileage and Routes

There is no limitation on mileage or route options while renting a car, and you can hit the roads as you wish, when you wish after renting your car. (we have your itinerary so we offer the best route)

Note: at the time of updating this article, COVID 19 restrictions are set in place for traffic in and between cities. Learn more about the restrictions in effect here.


CLICK and you will find the list of all our available bus and minibus vehicles, the necessary information about planning your transportation in Iran, and our vehicle renting form. You can also check out the list of all our available cars (luxury, economic, and SUV), learn about them in detail and rent them at your convenience. 

Iran rental car green program: to preserve the future

We are all aware of the impact of cars on nature and environmental sustainability. Our rental cars come with style and status, but what’s more important is how they make more efficient use of energy in line with our sustainability goals. Of course, we do not force our eco-friendly conditions on everyone, and it is merely a choice you can make to help preserve the future of Iran natural resources and treasures. By doing these simple actions, you can be a part of our Iran rental car green program too:

  1. Use fuels (diesel and petrol) with Euro 4 standards. You can find a fuel section specified to these fuels in most Iran gas stations.
  2. Rent one of our eco-friendlier cars and Hybrid cars
Iran car rental with or without a driver


How much is the capacity of Iran cars?

Most economic car types are suitable for 3 adults, but full sized and SUV cars can fit up to 5 adults, or adults with children.

How to rent a car in Iran?

You can rent the car type that best suits your travel style online and with the least amount of trouble here.

Is there a mileage limit in Iran rental cars?

Yes and no. Some cars have certain mileage limits in Iran and some don’t. To learn more, check out our Iran rental car page here.

Is driving safe in Iran?

Driving in Iran roads and highways is relatively safe, but rather different from what most travelers are used to. Road conditions, road limits, traffic rules and safety guides may also differ in some cases. That is why we recommend hiring a driver to be safest.

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