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Artin Travel > Blog > IRAN TRAVEL TIPS | A GUIDE FOR EVERYONE (from 5 continents)


11Iran travel tips for all countries

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Iran travel brings forward the best of the country on a silver platter for you. Cultural attractions, natural sceneries, and adventurous journeys all packed in a single country. In recent decades, Iran has attracted a lot of attention from tourists looking for uncharted tourist spots and undiscovered destinations.

Yet, as a country with a colorful array of classic, active, natural, and recreational attractions; Iran has remained as an unknown destination to many travelers. Tips and information about Iran travel are, for this very reason, very important if you you are planning to visit Iran. Any Questions you may have about Iran safety, Iranian people, Dress code in Iran, and money in Iran travel will all be answered soon. 

As a country with cultural, active, natural, and recreational tourist attractions; Iran has attracted a lot of attention from tourists looking for uncharted tourist spots and undiscovered destinations. Traveling to Iran though is rewarding for reasons more than the country’s diversity as a tourist destination. There are tips and information you must know before planning for your Iran travel, including pointers about dress code, money, the internet, safety, and the people!

Iranian People : Highlight of your Iran Travel

Iranian people are hospitable beyond imagination, and they welcome all travelers from all nations as warmly as they can, occasionally inviting them over for a cup of tea or a quick meal. It is a unique ancient tradition among Persians, that makes way at the table of consciousness for all, outsider and guests alike.

In the sincere warmth and accommodating spirit that Iranian hospitality is most known for, all ethnic boundaries are crossed. It is a nonviolent pathway, transcending culture and ethnicity that runs among all Persians, and will make the highlight of your Iran travel.

Asking tourists for a picture is not unheard of, and you shouldn’t be scared if someone approaches you and asks for a selfie! Of course, you don’t have to say yes to these random invitations and requests, and you can easily avoid crowds and locals if you wish. Your tour guide’s job is to assure your comfort and ease of travel, and this is just one of the things that come along with the package!

11traditional persian house in Iran
11why you should travel to Iran

Dress code in Iran travel

To debunk a few myths about Iran, we can start with the wrong belief that Iranian people have to wear Burka, Niqab, or Chador. They don’t! The nation’s law states that women should cover their hair, arms, and legs in a way that the skin doesn’t show.

Some people choose to cover their body parts more strictly than others and wear a chador, and some are comfortable with loose-fitting Palazzo or skinny jeans. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of choice. Fashion in Iran streets, especially in big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz; is actually very trendy and subject to numerous street photography shoots.

Persian women use the country’s rules to their advantage and mix more colors and styles in their looks. Wearing a headscarf is also mandatory, as it should cover your hair but not necessarily all of it. As a female tourist planning to visit Iran, you can wear anything as long as it has long sleeves (at least u to your forearm) and reaches beneath your rear.

The looser the cloth, the more comfortable you are; especially in warm seasons and during long walks. Take a look at these Iranian women and how they are clad in Tehran streets to understand better.

11Iranian women street fashion in Tehran

Money in Iran

The official currency of Iran is Rial, and the picture you see is of a common 10 thousands Rial cash in Iran. The first thing you need to know about money in your Iran travel though, is that Iranian people themselves use another unit of money called Toman for their ease.

The only difference between Rial and Toman is that 10 Rials equals 1 Toman. It may sound confusing at first, but it is really much easier than it seems. To understand better, imagine the taxi driver asking you for 10 thousand Tomans after you arrive at the destination you asked them to take you.

Simply add one zero to the sum you have to pay in your head, and give them 100 thousand Rials.  If you still have questions about the matter of money in Iran, make sure you go through our Iran travel advice or contact us in case anything was unclear to you.

11Money in Iran - tips about trip to Iran


There are foreign currency exchange kiosks and shops in all cities of Iran and all international airports of the country. You can also convert your money before you arrive in Iran, or get a tourist card using which you can make online and real-time transfers anytime you want on your Iran travel.

Iran travel Safety

When it comes to traveling, safety is a pressing matter that can’t be overlooked. Traveling to Iran is no exception, and doing research is the least one can do to put their mind at ease. But you need not worry, as Iran has been told to be one of the safest travel destinations in the world! not by us, but by the travelers themselves. Anyone who visits Iran soon learns that the country is a long, long way away from what the media portrays.

There are always a few tourists who worry about how they are going to be treated in Iran because of what they see and hear in the media. The political stance of Iran in relation to other countries has, in fact, nothing to do with how Iranian people treat foreigners. We are here to assure those very few that Iranian people do not care about the political relations between their country and yours. In fact, you are probably going to experience the warmest welcome of your life in Iran!

Iran Travel Insurance

To enter Iran, you must first get a valid travel insurance. Because of the sanctions on Iran, various multinational companies do not include Iran in their list of countries protected by travel insurance. As a result, you will need to get separate insurance that covers Iran.

Confirm that your current insurance covers Iran as a travel destination before purchasing any new Iran travel insurances. Do note that anyone attempting to obtain an Iranian tourist visa on arrival at any international airport must have proper travel insurance. If you do not have travel insurance or if your current insurance does not cover Iran, you must purchase a valid insurance before your trip.

Besides purchasing insurance from the embassy or the visa office at the airport, which are quite time consuming, you can also get your Iran travel insurance online!

11travel insurance for Iran Artin Travel
11Tourist attraction in Iran Pasargadae

Travel to Iran from all over the World: A destination for Everyone

As it has become clear to every travel enthusiast by now, Iran has something unique and extraordinary to offer to everyone with any taste. Not only that, but each of this country’s treasures and tourist destinations is in a relatively untouched and intact state. This is because Iran is, compared to other tourist destinations in the world, a much lesser known country among travelers.

Think about this: Iran shares a lot of similarities with largely known tourist-favorite countries in the world. Take world-famous tourist spots such as the Bunda cliffs in Australia, the Rainbow Mountains of Peru, and the Horseshoe bend canyon in the USA as an example.

It comes as a surprise to many people when they learn that among the tourist attractions you will get to see on your Iran travel, these places’ much purer and less untouched versions exist too! These places are yet to be discovered by the world and as a result, they have remained beautifully pristine and fresh.

This in itself is a great witness to Iran’s essence as a little-known travel destination. Let us take a look at a selected number of these similarities + Iran travel guides for the travelers who plan on visiting Iran from these countries.

Iran Travel from America

Iran travel for American passport holders can easily turn into one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives, given that their trip plan is tailored with the needed amount of attention. Getting an Iran visa for American citizens became much easier after the recent visa policies were set in place.

This policy necessitates all tourists to get their visa issued on a piece of paper, instead of the old-fashioned method in which the travelers’ passports were stamped. This way all tourists, regardless of their nationality, can go on about their Iran travel without having to worry about getting back to their countries with an Iran stamped visa. Learn more about the Iran VISA restrictions for Americans.

That being said, American travelers should remember that they can only travel to Iran with a certified local tour guide, and on a pre-scheduled Iran tour package. There are no direct flights from any state in America to Iran, and the fastest flight takes off from New York and lands in Tehran. Remember that, for American passport holders to be able to start their Iran travel, they should have their visa in advance of traveling to the country. Washington DC and Los Angles are two of the other popular departure points in the USA.

11Horseshoe bend in arizone from America to Iran
Two Canyons, One look : Iran and America

An interesting similarity between Iran and America is the existence of two natural phenomena of Khazineh canyon in Iran and the Horseshoe bend canyon in America. Dare Khazine is one of the Lorestan Province’s secret treasures! Perhaps the only difference between these two places is that visiting Khazineh Canyon in Iran, unlike the Horseshoe Bend in America, is free.

Lorestan city itself is just next to one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, Kermanshah. You can visit these cities as a part of Iran North-west tours, and visit numerous national treasures and UNESCO sites from the Blue mosque to Kandovan cliff Dwelling village along your way.

11Dare Khazine in Iran tips about travel from america

Dare Khazineh will make you feel like you are on top of the clouds in a matter of seconds, for this stunning Iran landscape is more than just a canyon. The breathtaking panoramic view of this valley captivates all onlookers, and standing at the top of the rocky gorge is an experience anyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Many adventure tourists’ plan for their Iran includes a visit to the Khazineh Valley, for this beauty of Iran, has a lot of potentials to be an adventure destination known in the whole world.

Horseshoe Bend, located near the town of Page, Arizona, is without a doubt one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. The Colorado River forms a horseshoe-shaped bend as it passes through this canyon. The shape of this canyon is best visible from the air, and it has made this place one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Arizona. This Canyon is much more known than the Khazineh Canyon in Iran, which makes its Iranian sister a far less untouched natural tourist destination in comparison.

Iran travel from Australia 

Australian tourists can travel to Iran at any given time! If you are traveling to Iran from Australia, you don’t need to worry about getting an Iran visa in advance either. Australian passport holders are among the travelers who are eligible to get their Iran tourist visa on arrival (Iran VOA)!

The fastest flight from Australia to Iran takes off from Perth airport and lands in Shiraz international airport. According to, this flight usually takes about an average of 16 hours and 30 minutes to arrive in Iran. You may find it useful to know that Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways are the most common airlines that fly from Australia to Iran. Make sure have already set your time zone and checked the weather condition in advance so you won’t encounter any unexpected setbacks on your Iran travel.

11Iran from Australia Beris port
Bunda Cliff vs. Beris Port, Iran and Australia

An interesting similarity between Iran tourist destinations and that of Australia is the existence of Beris Coral Beach in Chabahar city which reminds onlookers of the Bunda Cliffs of Australia. The striking similarities between these two beautiful places in Iran and Australia are uncanny!

The Eastern part of Chabahar is connected to the beautiful port of Beris which, despite its untouched beauty, is one of the lesser discovered tourist attractions of Iran. The rocky cliffs of Beris overlook the shoreline and give this Iran tourist attraction a dramatic and stunningly illusive look. If you look at it from above, this place will look like an image right out of a storybook.

Port of Beris in Chabahar is one of the most isolated places in Iran, which hasn’t caused the locals to be any less welcoming towards visitors and tourists. Chabahar’s only gem is not the Beris cliff, as this city has tourist attractions worth more than just one visit.

11Beris port in Iran and Bunda cliffs in Australia

Not far away from Chabahar rests the beautiful Qeshm island, which many travelers voyage to from Chabahar. Qeshm Geopark is the island of many wonders, and a seemingly endless collection of places to visit, foods to eat, and things to do!

Qeshm is known for the conventional and rural style its residents still live in. Some women and men sail the vast Persian Gulf and fish, and some make hand-woven baskets and rugs. Visiting Qeshm will, without a doubt, make your Iran travel much more outstanding.

Similar to this cliff in Iran, you can spend hours and hours pondering the beauty of Bunda cliffs, and yet not have enough of it. Beris portal beach The Bunda cliffs, which are among the most stunning natural landmarks of Australia are, although unique in beauty, similar to the Beris coral Beach you must visit on your Iran travel.

From Australia to Iran

Traveling from Australia to Iran comes along with a bummer jet lag. This is because Iran and Australia’s time zones are very different. That’s why we recommend you check the time zone difference before your trip, and take the first day after your arrival off. This way, you can get enough rest to begin your Iran travel in earnest.

Iran Travel from Turkey

Turkish tourists who are interested in traveling to Iran can choose the Iran travel package of their choice, and book a flight to Iran as easy as pie. Traveling has been made easy for Turkish passport holders as Turkey is one of the 12 countries whose citizens can travel to Iran VISA FREE.

The fastest flight from Turkey to Iran takes off from Istanbul and lands in Tabriz international airport. A non-stop flight from turkey to Tabriz usually takes no longer than 3 hours to land within the borders of Iran. Of course, depending on how many stops you have it might take a longer time for your plane to take you to your favorite Iran travel destination.

The most common airlines that fly from Turkey (Istanbul) are Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, and Turkish Airlines flights. Keep in mind that your passport will still be checked upon your arrival in Iran, even though you won’t need a passport to enter the country.


Iran North West- From the modern capital to Caspian Hyrcanian forests

For experiencing a different lifestyle and to get free from the routine and stressful atmosphere of crowded noisy cities we offer nomad tours to those eager to have a different trip in Iran
11Badab Soort in Iran guide for Turkish tourists

Limestone Formations of Iran and Turkey

One of the most beautiful Iran natural tourist spots in the North of Iran is called Badab-e Surt (Badab Soort). This stepped, limestone formation, which one of the most mesmerizing and unique Iran natural attractions, is very similar to Pamukkale thermal pools in Turkey! Badab-e Surt is a collection of striking colors and vivid rock formations, making a spectrum of mountain-wide cuts and rust-colored travertine terraces.

Not only does this place make for dreamy views, but it also has springs that are said to have healing effects on the body. Badab-e Surt is one of the highlights of the country everyone must visit on their Iran travel tour. Because of these springs’ high salinity and mineral pools, their value goes beyond aesthetic beauty.

11travel to Iran from turkey badab soort vs Pamukkale

Badab Soort is one of the most naturally invaluable sites of Mazandaran, but not the only one. In this province, you will be touring thick forests like Abbas abad forest and tall mountains like Mount Damavand while breathing in the refreshing ocean breeze.

The restorative effects of being in nature on top of the calming experience of a crisp sea air will be just be part of the rejuvenating experience of our Iran North and West tour. Of course, you can always bend the rules to your liking and move things round to tailor the perfect trip for yourself if you want to visit the beauties of Iran Northern cities.

Similar to this mesmerizing natural tourist attraction, Pamukkale hot springs are very popular among tourists and travelers as well. Pamukkale itself is very famous for the number of its popular attractions but Pamukkale Thermal Pools are most definitely among the most beautiful ones found in this area.

Iran Travel by Land from Turkey

What makes Turkish travelers different from many others, is the fact that they can travel to Iran by land as well! This is because Iran and Turkey share a border, and so Iran travel from Turkey is possible by subway, car, bike, and even bus! If you want to tour Iran in your personal vehicle, make sure you are already up to date about the latest regulations of traveling with your own personal automobile in Iran. A much easier and convenient alternative is to rent a car inside Iran and rid yourself of the numerous troubles and paperwork that is involved in the process. Check out Iran car rental prices here.

Iran Travel from Africa

All African passport holders are Eligible to Travel to Iran and get their Iran visa on arrival with the least amount of trouble. Your ideal Iran tour package lies only a few clicks away from you, but don’t think for a moment that that is all! If you couldn’t find your favorite Iran travel tour, you can customize your own tour! Learn more.

From South Africa to Iran, the fastest flight takes off from Johannesburg to Tehran Imam Khomeini international airport (IKA). This flight will take an average of 12 hours and 15 minutes to land within Iran’s land. The most popular city destinations which receive flights from Africa in Iran are Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad. Don’t forget to bring the required documents to get your Iran tourist visa and secure yourself an enjoyable Iran travel tour from that point on.

11Namibia in Africa similar to Iran Darak desert

Namibia and Darak desert: Meeting points of Wastelands and Ocean

As two of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, Iran and Africa have numerous tourist attractions worth holding a place in everyone’s bucket list. Iran travel experience is, of course, worlds apart from that of Africa but these two both have alluring deserts which end up meeting the ocean halfway through! Darak desert in Iran and the Namib Desert in Africa are two of the few deserts in the world that have a connecting point with the blue and clear waters of the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean.

11Darak desert in Iran and Namibia in Africa

 Among the many beauties and wonders tourists find in Iran, the Darak desert is one of the rarest and most refreshing sights anyone can come across. Darak beach is yet another beautiful and undiscovered Iran beauty in Chabahar city.

This desert’s golden sands clashes with the blue of the ocean and creates a mesmerizing scenery similar to the one found in the Namib desert. Namib coastal desert is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Africa, and onlookers are reminded of it upon arriving in Darak!

Chabahar city is, although more isolated than other touristic cities of Iran, a hidden gem with numerous places to visit. From the mangrove forest of Hara not far away from Chabahr’s port, to the mesmerizing Lipar Lagoon which is pink in color and a destination for numerous migrant birds each season. Birding tours in Chabahar are among the most precious tours in Iran. You can tailor a tour in Chabahar and choose where to go and what to do, or add Chabahar to our Island Life’s Treasures tour to make it even more memorable.

Travel to Iran from Mexico

 Iran travel for Mexican passport holders is now easier than ever. If you want to travel to Iran from Mexico, you just need to have the necessary documents and fees to get your Iran visa on arrival. The VOA desk is just at the airport which, depending on which airport you land in, is accessible to all foreign passengers. The list of Iran international airports is here if you wanted to learn more about Iran travel with a visa on arrival.

With an estimated flight time of 15h 40m, the shortest flight from Mexico to Iran is from Cancun to Tehran. Some of the most popular international airports in Iran which Mexican passengers land in are Shiraz international airport, Tabriz international airport, and Tehran IKA airport. Mexican tourists also begin their journey of Iran travel from Leon and Tijuana. Although the duration of these flights is usually longer than that of Cancun to Iran.

11Trip to Iran from mexico tour

Las Coloradas and Maharloo: Pink Lakes of Great Beauty

Not unlike Las Coloradas in Mexico, Iran has a pink lake with immeasurable beauty and mesmerizing sceneries. The most beautiful of these sceneries appear during the warm seasons of the year and attract numerous tourists to Iran. Maharloo pink lake is one of the tourist destinations of Shiraz, with a reputation for being as untouched and pristine as it is beautiful. This cotton candy-tinged beauty is popular with photographers, couples, families, and social media influencers from within Iran AND outside the country.

Photo by imaryamiii on Unsplash

Although, it is worth pointing out that Maharloo lake is not the only rosy colored attraction of Shiraz. The beautiful and ONLY pink mosque in Iran is also a very popular Iran tourist destination right in the heart of Shiraz city.

Shiraz itself is among the tourist-favorite cities of Iran which many travelers visit on one of the Iran classic and cultural tour packages. This city has a reputation for being enigmatic, poetic, and allusive specially during spring. The soul of poetry lives and breathes inside Shiraz as fresh as the days when Hafez (Persian Poet) walked its streets.

The pink lake of Las Coloradas in Mexico is said to be very similar to Maharloo lake in Iran. tourists describe this lake as the same pink-colored beauty as Maharloo is, and perhaps the boldest difference between these two is a thousand miles that separate them from each other.

While Las Coloradas’ pink lake is definitely a sight for the sour eyes, the Mexican state has proclaimed that no one is allowed to swim in its waters. The majority of these pink lakes’ waters are fenced off and solely used for salt processing. Both of these natural tourist attractions are worth at least one visit. Certainly, your Iran travel will be made much more special if you put Maharloo lake on your must-visit places list in Iran.

11Iran timezone and four seasons in travel

Beware of SEASON DIFFERENCE on Your Iran Travel

Different areas of the Planet experience the Sun’s most direct rays at various times of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer begins as the North Pole tilts toward the Sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter starts as the South Pole tilts against the Sun. Iran is in the northern hemisphere, near the equator.

This means that anyone who is planning for their Iran travel from the southern hemisphere must be aware of the seasonal changes that happen when they depart from their home county. This is important because your trip can easily go adrift if you pack your suitcase with summer clothes and step out of the airport into the cold streets of Iran.

From the list of countries that we mentioned above, Australia and Africa are southern hemisphere countries.

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Iran Travel & Visa News: COVID UPDATE

Good news! Travelers of most countries can now travel to Iran with ease again. All passengers flying into Iran must have a valid health certificate provided by the health authorities of their destination country. This must include a COVID-19 molecular test completed within 96 hours of entering Iran by an accredited center from the departure country.

Here’s the general information you’ll need to know before traveling to Iran. To learn about all the latest regulations and requirements, read our Visa News post.

Entry For Vaccinated Visitors: Partly Allowed

  • Tourist Entrance: Partly Allowed
  • Testing: Negative PCR test necessary
  • Quarantine Necessary: Yes
  • Quarantine Information: All countries must undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Restrictions on the local level

  • Lockdown in Effect: Partial.
  • Gatherings: Prohibited.
  • Transport: Operational.
  • Shopping: Available.
  • Restaurants and Bars: Open with limitations.
11travel to iran during corona update news

Iran travel during the covid 19: Travel responsibly 

Traveling during the CORONA virus outbreak comes with a lot of restrictions and responsibilities. Similar to other countries, Iran has taken the right protective measurements to control the spread of Coronavirus. That doesn’t mean that Iran’s borders are completely closed to all travel, as Iran medical visa is still being issued to the ones who want to take the Iran medical tours. But do note that Iran tourists and Pilgrimage visas are not available for issuance until further notice from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign affairs.

As stated by the WHO, herd immunity seems to be impossible until 2022 after the vaccination is completely carried out. Herd immunity applies to a group of individuals in a population who are immune to a disease whether they have either been exposed to it or have been vaccinated. Until the time that we can safely announce to have obtained herd immunity, it is important to stay safe and travel responsibly.

If you do plan on going on an Iran travel, we recommend you plan your trip as privately as possible. Use a private car, like your own rental car or a private taxi, instead of public transportation. Steer clear from crowded sites and instead, try getting off the beaten track and enjoys the undiscovered gems of Persia on your Iran travel.

11Travel measures during covid in Iran

Public Health and Social Measures

Do Remember that, unless you are exempt, you must wear a face mask at all times while using public transportation (such as buses, trains, and taxis) and in public venues (like shopping malls, stadiums, and theatres) in Iran. Hand-washing is also a must, best done on a daily basis, and hand sanitizer should be carried with you in case public hand-washing services are unavailable. Learn about the latest Covid updates about Iran travel on the WHO website here.

Iran tour and travel: FAQ

How much do Iran tours cost?

Depending on the type of tour you choose for booking, the prices also differ. Expenses such as the rental car type of your choice, your accommodation, the activities, and experiences you want to include on your trip, and your food (including restaurants and cafes) make up other parts of your Iran tour costs, as you can see on our travel tips blog post.

Are there medical tours in Iran?

Yes! In fact, Iran has become one of the leading countries in medical services not only in middle-east, but in Asia as well. For this reason, Iran is also becoming a popular medical destinations in the world. learn more about Iran medical tours on our blog post.

Can US and UK travelers book Iran tours?

Yes. Booking Iran tours is possible for citizens of all countries. US and UK citizens are not exceptions to this statement, and they are welcomed in the country by the hospitable Iranian people. learn more by reading our visa policy blog post.

Can I travel to Iran during the COVID outbreak?

Iran tourist visa and pilgrimage visa are not issued because of covid-19 anymore. For other passengers who want to ENTER IRAN during the COVID pandemic, they should bring a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three days of their flight.

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