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Iran visa application for Australians

Iran visa application for Australians

In this Article you will learn more about Australians who are planning to visit IRAN in near future. so all titles and paragraphs, without mentioning is about Australians who are about to visit IRAN.

though we have mentioned Australians in every paragraph for careless readers who scan the document and not reading it all from the begin for not taking the means in this article by mistake!


Foreign guests wishing to enter Iran must apply for an Iranian visa. To obtain an Iranian visa, an Iranian citizen or a registered Iranian company must host them. Iranian tourist visa Issuance takes 2 to 10 business days, Iranian business visa 4 to 10 business days and Multi Iranian visa takes 7 business days.

Citizens of Australia having a valid passport (valid for at least six months) with at least 6 months of residency in their country can apply for Iran visa Australia after providing the necessary documents. Foreign nationals, including Iran visa Australia seekers do not need to obtain a visa to travel to the Free Trade Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran (such as Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar, etc.) and can easily enter the areas with a 14-day entry permit, without any need for Iran visa Australia. Obviously, if Iran visa Australia seekers wish to continue their journey to other parts of the country, they can apply to the Foreign Ministry’s office located in that free zone and obtain the necessary requirements to get the Iran visa Australia.

Note that Iran visa Australia seekers who are Iranian natives and who do not have abandoned their citizenship under Iranian law but hold a foreign passport, cannot travel to Iran with a foreign passport and must travel to the country with a valid Iranian passport.


Australians (men) who have an Iranian spouse who intends to travel to Iran with, in addition to the visa requirements described in the relevant section, are required to submit the following documents for receiving Iran visa Australia :

  • Wife’s written request
  • Copy of marriage certificate


Australians who have an Iranian mother (and Australian father) can only travel to Iran by obtaining an Iran visa Australia, so in addition to the visa documents described in the relevant section, it is also necessary to submit or send the following documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Mother’s written request
  • a copy of the marriage certificate (if any)


Required Documents

Necessary and common documents for issuing Iran visa Australia:

  • Iran visa Australia application form (one page)
  • A 3×4 biometric photo (front, no hats, and glasses, white background)
  • Valid passport authentication (valid for at least six months and with sufficient white pages)
  • Payment of Iran visa Australia fees

Note: Those who apply for double entry or frequent Iran visa Australia are required to make the necessary arrangements beforehand.


Reception Rules for Australians

In this section we will talk about a policy that Iran has pursued the majority of foreign nationals, including Iran visa Australia seekers, to enter and reside. While this process is not the same for all visitors, it may take several weeks for Australian citizens to get Iran visa Australia.

Iran has provided airport visas for the convenience of foreign tourists. In addition, seven countries, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon can enter Iran without a visa and only with a valid passport with a validity period of at least 6 months (in order to the diplomatic agreements between nations).

Australians can travel to the Free Zones of Iran ( Like Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar) for 7 days or less without an Iran visa Australia. It is clear that if they continue their journey or enter other cities in Iran, they need a valid Iran visa Australia for sure.


Types of Iran visa Australia

As stated before, under the Iran visa Australia rules, the type of visa requested must be commensurate with the purpose of the person traveling to Iran. The lack of coordination between the purpose of the trip and the type of visa requested will result in the Iran visa Australia being rejected. Therefore, knowing and choosing the right visa is an important step in the getting Iran visa Australia process. In general, the Iranian Embassy for Australian Tourists issues a variety of Iran visa Australia types, which is listed below:

  • Tourist visas granted to foreign tourists.
  • Iran Visa Australia for sports or scientific convoys issued in multiple forms.
  • Visas issued to applicants who travel to Iran for visiting pilgrimage.
  • Political Iran visa Australia granted to a foreign government and political officials who are due to travel to Iran for political consultations.
  • Educational Iran visa Australia for students, teachers, and scholars who intend to continue their studies in Iran.
  • Iran visa Australia for people who are supposed to work in Iran. It should be noted that the Iranian government is very strict in issuing work visas for some countries.
  • Business visa for natural or legal persons who travel to Iran to conclude business contracts.
  • Multiple business visas issued for Australian companies to enter Iran several times within a specified time frame.
  • A transit visa for people such as flight attendants, train crews, etc. who do not intend to reside in Iran and are only going to cross Iran to reach their destination. It should be noted that the maximum validity of a transit visa is one week.
  • The press Iran visa Australia is for Australian journalists, photographers, and reporters traveling to Iran for news coverage.
  • A family reunification Iran visa Australia is for people traveling to Iran for marriage registration or for men who have Iranian spouses.
  • The Iranian mother’s visa who, as the name implies, are foreign nationals with an Iranian mother.
  • The exit visa is issued to visitors who have left their Iranian citizenship.


So, according to the above, Australian citizens must first select the type of Iran visa Australia that they need, then apply through the embassy. Of course, the Iranian government has provided nationals of some countries with the opportunity to obtain visas from international airports. This type of visa is called an airport visa or “on arrival” visa. In the next section, we will fully introduce the Airport Visa, so stay tuned for more information.


VOA for Australians (Visa On Arrival)

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued an airport (on arrival) Iran visa Australia for Australian citizens and some other foreign country citizens. Under the ordinance, all Foreign Ministry passport and visa offices located at Imam Khomeini (RA), Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz airports can issue Iran visa Australia for Australian citizens. you should note that this type of visa is issued solely for the purpose of tourism. Therefore, those with political, service, bachelor’s, journalism and reporting passports cannot apply for this kind of Iran visa Australia.


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Australians Touristic Visa

Guests planning to visit Iran must obtain an Iranian tourist visa. Agencies can apply for a tourist visa. An Iranian citizen must host and complete the relevant documentation. If the guest is not hosted in Iran, he or she may purchase a tour or hotel agency to host him/her.

All tourist Iran visa Australia applicants, whether those who wish to visit sights or monuments or those who visit the holy cities of the Islamic Republic of Iran for a pilgrimage, may obtain the following documents to get the Iran visa Australia:

  • Completed the Iran visa Australia form
  • A 4 × 3 photo, front, bright background, no hats and glasses
  • Original passport with validity of more than six months and sufficient white pages.
  • Payment of Iran visa Australia fees


Those who intend to travel to Iran through tourist companies in order to get the Iran visa Australia are required to indicate the license number and date of issuance of the permit issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It takes at least three weeks for those who submit their applications to the Consular Section to submit Iran visa Australia and it would take few days to submit Iran visa Australia for those who hold a State Department license number through tourist companies.


Pilgrimage Visa for Australians

Religious tourism is one of the most common forms of tourism around the world, dating back to centuries ago and generally includes trips and sightseeing, the main purpose of which is a religious experience.

Religious attractions, shrines, and sacred places attract a large number of Australian tourists to Iran each year which are going after Iran visa Australia reception. Accommodation and catering facilities such as inns and pilgrimages have their own characteristics due to the socio-cultural and ideological context of the tourists and citizens. It is very diverse in every part of the country and it is noteworthy that religious tourism is the only form of tourism that overcomes climate barriers in Iran! If you are interested in visiting religious sites and acquainted with rich Iranian history and culture, we will help you get an Iran visa Australia easily and effortlessly.

The pilgrimage visa is a type of Iran visa Australia for Australian Muslims who are willing to enter IRAN to visit holy sites.

Requirements to get the Iran visa Australia for pilgrimage:

  • Completing requested information
  • Possible interview


How much does Iran visa Australia cost?

By now, You might wonder what is the cost of an Iranian visa for all types of visas and how can you pay for it?

The cost of an Iranian airport visa (on arrival) for Australian nationals is 145 euros.

Other types of Iran visa Australia with their prices are listed below:

  • Tourist Visa Cost: 1,120,000 Rls
  • Business visa cost: 1,100,000 Rials
  • Multiple Visa Cost: 2,490,000 Rials

Payment can be made by the Iranian host through the account number available on the site.


Multi-Entry-Visa for Australians

Multi-visas are only available to people who travel to Iran for business. This visa is issued with different credits due to the number of individual trips in the past years. The validity of a Multi-Visa varies between three months, six months or one year, depending on the nationality and the number of trips made in the year before applying for a Multi-Visa. This visa has several advantages. Saving time and money to get a visa multiple times is one of the benefits of this visa for Australian citizens. With this type of Iran visa Australia, you won’t have to worry about problems with getting an Iran visa so many times again.

A minimum number of individual trips required to obtain a Multi-Visa:

  • 3-month Multiple Visa: At least 3 business visa trips last year.
  • 6-month Multi-Visa: At least 2 3-month Multi-Visas at last year
  • One-Year Multi-Visas: At least 2 times of using the 6-month Multi-Visas last year.


After completing the application and filing a request from the State Department panel and receiving a reference code from the State Department of Iran, other documents, such as a letter of application, a passport printout, as well as a visitor visa print last year, will be reviewed by the Office of the Vice President. Passports and visas are issued and, if agreed and approved by the visitor within a few days, a Multi-Visa Reference Code is issued to the visitor, who must obtain a Multi-Visitor Visa with the nearest Consulate in their place of residence and get their visa.

In general, it should be noted that the decision on applying for a Multi-Visa Application is based on the opinion of the Deputy Director of the Passport and Visa Office and with the examination of the documents described above and it is possible that even with all the documents submitted, they do not agree to apply for a multiple visitor visa.

Note: This visa is not issued to nationals of the US, Canada, and the UK.


Multi Entry Required Documents

Now, you might ask “what are the Required Documents for a Multi-Entry-Visa to IRAN?”

In addition to the requirements for a Business Visa, the following are required for a Multi Visa:

  • Photos of visas that are issued last year
  • Depositing 2,490,000 Visa to the Agency’s Account


How to Extension the Visa Period?

If foreigners wish to stay longer for any reason, they should apply for an extended visa. In order to extend the Iran visa Australia, Australian citizens must look for a Police Office located in the city of residence and apply for a visa extension with their (valid) passport.


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