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Kish Travel Guide

11Kish travel guide

Kish is a sandy coral island in the Persian Gulf, roughly 18 kilometers off the Iranian mainland’s southern border. Kish is also close to the beautiful island of Qeshm. Kish and Qeshm, in particular, are located in the country’s free-trade zone. As a result, foreign visitors can visit these islands without obtaining an Iran visa and remain for up to 14 days.

The Kish travel guide has all the information you need, from the flight distance between Kish Island and Tehran to the most delicious local foods you must try in Kish. This island has gorgeous, unique colored coral reefs, which not only makes it a popular tourist attraction, but a great place to go scuba diving too!

Winter / Summer Temperature

3°C to 18°C / 27 °C to 50°C

Tourist Attractions

Harireh Underground City
Seffin Village
Kish Water Park

World UNESCO site


Airports/ Public Transportation

Kish International Airport

Taxi – Hi-Kish

Kish island night scenery Persian GulfKish island night scenery Persian Gulf
Kish island tourist attractions in Iran travelartin.comKish island tourist attractions in Iran
Persia Gulf ocean kish and Qeshm island travelartin.comPersia Gulf ocean kish and Qeshm island
kish local persian food travelartin.comkish local persian food
water sports in Iran adventure tours kishwater sports in Iran adventure tours kish

Kish things to DO and SEE

11Harireh ancient city in Kish island

Harireh Ancient City

While the gorgeous coastlines and shopping centers of Kish Island are well-known among tourists and highlighted on Kish travel guide, the island is also rich in classic and historical attractions. The Ancient Town of Harireh is one of the more famous aged tourist destinations of kish.

 The ruins of Harireh, located in the center of Kish Island, are claimed to be 800 years old and cover approximately 3 square kilometers. A palace with Ilkhanid era (1256-1353) tiles, a public bathhouse, and industrial facilities are among the remaining ruins of Harireh.

The town’s multi-floored structures, historians assume, were destroyed in an earthquake. Archeologists speculate that Harireh’s building dates back to sometime between the late Sasanid and early Islamic periods. They don’t claim to know the date for certain, but what they do know is that Harireh used to be a very popular and famous city during the Seljuks and Atavakan of Fars.

Kariz Underground City

This underground city has 3 aqueducts and 274 wells, as well as recreational sites and facilities for viewing Kish Island’s old canal. Some of these wells are totally intact, while others have been shaped into cones to improve air conditioning and lighting.

The aqueduct in Kariz Underground is, simply put, ancient. As it is more than 2500 years old and it used to provide pure water to the islands’ population back then. It has now been turned into a fantastic underground metropolis with a 10,000-square-meter layout.

Kariz-e Kish is the new name for the complex. Kariz has now opened a new era for all nature lovers, allowing them to explore the world’s biggest reef exhibit up close and personal.

Engineers have strengthened the tunnels with cement and stone, in addition to the traditional coral walls surrounding the qanat, to create a subterranean realm.

11Kariz underground city in Kish travel guide
11Seffin old village in Kish Iran tourist attractions

Old Seffin village

The historic town of old Seffin, located in the northern portion of Kish Island, is the oldest village that has survived from the days of old Kish, and it features distinctive traditional local construction. The Island’s indigenous people are currently residing in the settlement.

Until 40 years ago, pearl fishing was the primary source of income for the island’s indigenous population, particularly the old Seffin residents. A diversity of shells around the island, the Kish Island scuba divers’ exceptional skills in extracting shells from the sea, and the global fame of pearls around the Kish Island all contributed to the Kish Island’s commerce booming.

Kish travel guide highlights the fact that the people of this village still speak Arabic, although most of them can understand and speak Farsi too. This old village has a special place on the Kish travel guide since you can clearly see the traditional way of living among people in this village.

Kish Water Park

In the fascinating world of waterslides and aquatic playgrounds, Kish Water Park is ushering in a new era. It has the latest rides in Iran and is the first water park in the Middle East to have North American-standard equipment.

The 24 m “Freefall” waterslide with a heart-stopping vertical drop reaching speeds of 17 m/second, and a two-person surfing simulator area that people use to learn surfboarding or wakeboarding.

These facilities are also the first of their kind in Iran. The park’s tallest tower also houses the “AquaLoop,” the world’s only looping waterslide, which is expected to attract visitors from around the region.

11Ocean water park in kish Iran tourist destination

Kish travel guide highlights this attraction as a child-safe tourist attraction too. It has a children’s slide section, a cave with its own waterfall, and a pirate-themed Aqua Play Zone. There are attractions for people of all ages and abilities, including a massive wave pool and a soothing tube ride around the park called the “Lazy River.”

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11what to eat in Kish Perisan local cuisine

Kish Travel Guide Foody Part: What to Eat in Kish

Foods & Restaurants

On the Kish travel guide, you learn that most of the native inhabitants of Kish Island are Arabs from the south of our country. This is exactly why Arabic food is among the most authentic and popular foods on this island.

Samak Mashvi is also a popular Arabic dish, the most important ingredient of which is the delicious fish of the Persian Gulf. The fish of this dish, depending on the type of your order, can be fried or grilled, which has a wonderful taste in a unique combination of spicy Arabic spices.

MARGOOG is another one of Kish local dishes you should try at a local Kish restaurant. MARGOOG or MARGHOOGH is a delicious dish that uses a variety of fresh vegetables and meat. Ingredients include eggplants, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, bone-in meats, onions and garlic, and special spices that are cooked separately and then combined.

This traditional stew is one of the most delicious dishes on the island. Other famous Kish local foods include HARISE (a type of Haleem), Mazroobe, and Ghalieh Mahi.

11beautiful kish island tourist attractions Persian gulf
11Kish island Iran travel guide

Where to stay in Kish

Kish Island, as a tourist attraction and one of Iran top destinations, offers a diverse selection of accommodations, from budget and humble hotels to middle-class and fancy resorts. If you’re on a budget, stay at Kish Khatam Hotel, Kish Fanoos Hotel, or Kish Setareh Hotel and spend your money on adventure sports.

Other economical lodgings on the island include Gardenia Hotel, Kish Goldis Hotel, and Kish Simoorgh Hotel. If you want luxury and modern accommodations, Flamingo Hotel, Kish Aramis Hotel, and Marina Park Hotel are all options.

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Best Time to Travel to Kish Island

The months of January, February, March, April, May, October, November, and December are the finest overall weather on Kish Island.

May, June, July, August, September, and October are the warmest months of the year.

February, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November are dry months of Kish Island.

May, June, July, August, September, October, and November are the finest months for swimming.

Ships can’t move to Kish port if the weather is rainy and stormy at the time of your arrival. You’ll have to wait until the weather brightens up again. It can sometimes take until the next day. As a result, check the weather forecast before traveling to Kish Island.

11transportation Iran rental cars in Kish island

 Transportation in Kish

There are no full-size buses on the island. Instead, travelers are transported to their destinations by a large number of minibusses. There is also a private taxi app in Kish which only works inside the island, called Hi-Kish.

You can also rent a private car with or without a driver to be more comfortable and tour around the island more easily. You can also bring your car to the country, for which you will need a carnet de passage.

You can also ride a VIP bus intended for group tours and enjoy a different and unique experience of touring the city and its highlights.

NOTE: At the time of writing the Kish travel guide, the COVID 19 virus has spread globally and health services are still struggling to cope. Thus, it is not recommended to use public transportation means at the present time.

Note: the flight distance between Kish Island and Tehran is 1051 kilometers.

Kish Travel Guide: FAQ

How can I get to Kish island?

You can reach Kish Island by boat. To do so, you should travel to Bandar-e Charak, Bandar-e Aftab, or Bandar Lengeh and then take a ferry to Kish Island. Please keep in mind that the ferries operate from dawn to dusk. Of course, you can take a direct flight to Kish airport too. Read our Iran travel guide blog post to learn more.

What local Kish Perisan foods should I try?

Majboos, Margoog, Samak Mashvi, Ghelieh Mahi, and Mazroobeh are some of the most delicious Persian food you must try in Kish.
Kish island has a plethora of delicious polo, khorak, and Aush varitirs, but the most delicious local kish dishes are prepared with fish from the Persian Gulf.

What are Kish island's tourist attractions?

Kish island has numerous places you muse see when visiting the island, the most famous of which include Harireh ancient city, Kariz underground city, Kish water park, Kish local bazaars, and Kish’s Greek ship.

Can I visit Kish island without a visa?

Kish island and Qeshm island are two of Iran’s free trade zones, which means you don’t need a visa to enter these islands, or to stay in them for as long as 30 days.

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