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Artin Travel > Blog > Iran Desert Tours: EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD EXPECT

deserts are uplifting environments of light, space and possibility – and maybe that’s the reason why Iran desert tours are most popular during the doleful midwinter days! Although only about 20 percent of the country is covered by these mysterious drylands, their beauty far outweighs their number. The most popular Iran desert tours are often operated in, and around.

You may be curious about: how you can get to these deserts, what you can expect from each of them, where you can spend the night, and what their surrounding attractions are. Those, you will find out in no time!

11Iran desert tours guide Artin Travel
11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Iran desert tours in Lut Desert

Lut desert is one of the two UNESCO natural world heritage sites of Iran (the other being the Hyrcanian forests). Unbearable heat made travelers and even scientists believe that life can not be sustained here, but soon its wildlife was discovered to be among the most amazing fauna in Iran. Lut is the single warmest spot in the world, and its mesmerizing landforms can be seen from space!

  • How to get to Lut desert

Travelers usually visit Lut desert after taking a trip to the earthen city of Kerman. From there, it takes about a couple hours to get to the golden sands of Lut desert. Finding a tour that best suits your needs to visit the Lut desert AND its surrounding attractions should be your goal.

  • What you should expect from the Lut desert tour

Vast night sky, star shaped sand dunes, sand boarding, and safari are some of the desert activities of Lut desert tour.

  • Lut desert wildlife 

Ruppell’s Fox, Jerboa, Buzzard, Snakes, and Scorpions are just a few animals on the list of the adaptable Iran desert animals in Lut.

  • Surrounding attractions in Lut

The most famous surrounding attraction of the Lut desert is the mysterious Shahdad city and the Shahdad desert not far from it. The beautiful city of Kerman itself 390 kms away from Lut is also one of the most popular tourist attractions of Central Iran.

  • Where to stay in Lut

If camping in the desert is not your forte, there are traditional caravanserais and local houses around Lut in which you can stay the night.  Stareh Lut eco-camp is one of the beautiful Iran desert accommodation choices.

11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Iran desert tours in Shahdad Kaluts

Shahdad desert almost rivals Lut desert in heat and aridity. There are myths and stories about life in Shahdad that may have existed there thousands of years ago. Antique pieces of earthenware pottery have been discovered in Shahdad village, and are still being studied to learn more about the previous residents of this place.

  • How to get to Shahdad

From the city of Kerman, there is only an hour and a half long ride to Shahdad village, and from there you must walk to get to Kaluts of Shahdad desert. The distance from Shahdad to Kerman is around 100kms.

  • What you should expect from Shahdad desert tour

Strong winds and erosion have caused the formation of impressive Kaluts in Shahdad, kinds of which are lesser seen in the world.

  • Shahdad wildlife

Even though the Kaluts of Shahdad desert are unique to Shahdad region and its land formations are unique on its own, Shahdad is still a part of the World Unesco site of Lut desert. That is why the animals living in Shahdad are a part of Lut desert animals.

  • Where to stay in Shahdad

There is a camping center in Shahdad designed to host desert campers and tourists. This facility has traditional desert huts and is accessible to everyone. 

  • Surrounding attractions in Shahdad

It would be a waste if you travel to Shahdad and don’t visit the rural lands of Shahdad village.

11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Iran desert tours in Dasht-e Kavir

Just in Iran’s central region, not far from where the ancient city of Yazd resides, lies the salty land of Kavir desert. Dasht-e Kavir is the largest salt desert of Iran, and has three main layers within itself, only two of which are accessible to tourists.

  • How to get to Kavir desert

From the city of yazd to the nearest village to Kavir desert, the Mesr village, there is about 350kms of distance. Travelers often get there in around 5 hours. 

  • What you should expect from the Kavir desert tour

Aside from your usual Iran desert tours package, which includes adventurous desert activities and beautiful landscapes, Kavir desert has its own thrills to offer. Heavy storms are frequent in Dasht-e Kavir, and can prove to be dangerous. Mud land is another dangerous characteristic of Kavir.

  • Kavir desert wildlife

Snakes and scorpions are Dasht-e Kavir’s locals. Chinkara and Gazelle are two of the least dangerous animals of Kavir, and Monitor lizards among the most dangerous ones.

  • Surrounding attractions in Kavir desert

Kavir national park is home to more than 200 Iran desert animal and bird species, including the Asiatic Cheetah, Golden Eagle, and the Caracal.

Mesr desert, Bafq desert, and Maranjab desert are located in the outer layer of Kavir as well.

  • Where to stay in Kavir 

We recommend camping in Dasht-e Kavir and grasp this once in a lifetime opportunity to stay the night in this great salty land in Iran. But inside and around Kavir desert have a good number of traditional houses and caravans for you to choose from.

Kavir National Park

Home to rare desert animals

Kavir National Park in Iran is one of the country’s oldest and biggest protected areas. The majority of this valuable area is in the province of Semnan’s Garmsar, with tiny amounts in the provinces of Tehran, Qom, and Isfahan. The region’s entire area is 670,000 hectares, with 420 hectares designated as a national park and the rest as a protected area.

The diversity of species that inhabits this region has earned it the moniker “Little Africa”. Although there are fewer species in this area now, it is nonetheless home to many of Iran’s desert animals. Iran has nine animal refuges you can book an Iran desert tour for. But, Kavir National Park is probably the most popular among them all. CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT ALL IRAN DESERT ANIMALS.

11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Iran Desert tours in Maranjab Desert

Just an hour away from Kashan, the city that hosts some of the most beautiful historical houses and Persian gardens, is the beautiful Maranjab desert. This gleaming land is to the north of the beautiful Aran and Bidgol town, and is most definitely one of the most popular deserts in Iran.

  • How to get to Maranjab desert

Only about 60kms away from Kashan city, you can step on Maranjab’s sands in about an hour if you choose to visit this desert form Kashan.

  • What you should expect from Maranjab desert tour

It is no secret that the sky is at its most pristine and jaw-dropping form in desert. Maranjab on the other hand, is famous for its starlit sky and is a favorite among stargazers.

  • Maranjab desert wildlife

The Sand Cat and the Ruppell’s Fox are two of the Carnivorous inhabiting the lands of Maranjab desert. Wild Goat is also sighted in Maranjab and one of the important Iran desert animals.

  • Surrounding attractions in Maranjab

Aranbidgol Salt Lake is among the most popular tourist attractions of Iran. Maranjab’s arid climate is the reason this lake a dry salt flat most of the year. This has created a spot most favored by photography lovers and nature tour seekers.

  • Where to stay in Maranjab

Whoever is willing to miss the opportunity of camping under the captivating night sky of Maranjab, can instead consider Safa Historical Guest House as an option! This guest house is one of the more famous traditional accommodations of Maranjab and ages back to around 350 years ago!

Can you visit the Lut desert?

Join Lut desert tour and experience a unique Safari in the Lut desert (a World Heritage Site), the hottest place on earth. … Lut desert tour will take you to various sand dunes of Lut, breathtaking Kalut formations and destinations like Shahdad, Mahan, Yalan area, Kerman and amazing Yazd.

Note: The captivating royal cities of Kerman and Isfahan are both wonderful sites to have your first taste of Iran desert adventures, as they are well-tracked on the tourist trail and packed with tourist destinations.

11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Iran desert tour in Varzaneh

Varzaneh desert is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Iran deserts. Its utterly captivating terrain is made even more unique thanks to the Gavkhouni wetland in this desert. Varzaneh is most popular for its camping spots and glowing night sky.

  • How to get to Varzaneh

Varzaneh desert is around 120kms away from the city of Isfahan, and it takes close to an hour and a half to get there with car. Although Varzaneh’s popularity was the reason that bus rides from Isfahan to Varzaneh also became available. 

  • What you should expect from Varzaneh desert tour

Compared to other deserts of Iran, Varzaneh has a relatively rich flora and fauna. This is partly because of the Gavkhuni wetland not far from this sandy terrain. Plants like Salsola, Phragmites, and different species of Tamarisk are among the dominant vegetation of Varzaneh.

  • Varzaneh wildlife

Varzaneh desert is famous for the great number of birds that fly to its drylands in different seasons. Bird species like black grouse, brown bittern, Herons, Flamingos, and Gulls are some of these seasonal visitors. This has made Varzaneh one of the most popular birding spots in Iran.

  • Where to stay in Varzaneh Desert

Traditional guesthouses like Varzaneh traditional guesthouse or Chapaker guesthouse are found on the edges of Varzaneh desert, close to the Varzaneh village.

  • Surrounding attractions in Varzaneh Desert

Gavkhouni wetland, home to an amazing number of animals and plants is the gem of Varzaneh desert. The ancient Ghoortan citadel is another peerless attraction and one of the historic sites of Varzenh everyone must visit. 

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Iran Adventure Tour with Artin

We take pleasure in being one of the country’s top adventure trip providers and a trusted partner of many travel agencies and tour operators throughout the world. Individual trips, group tours, and set departure tours in Iran’s desert adventure destinations, as well as green tours for soft adventurers, are all available.

11Iran Desert Tours-travelartin

Darak desert tour

Darak desert is where the crystal water of Oman gulf clashes with the golden sands of desert. Beautiful in nature and unique in kind, Darak desert remains wonderfully empty of litter and any sort of chemicals. 

  • How to get to Darak Desert

Located in the far south of Iran, Darak desert can easily be accessed from the Bandari city of Chabahar. From there, a 2 hour ride on the beautiful road to Zarabad village will lead you to Darak.

  • What you should expect from Darak desert tour

Alabaster sand dunes and uniquely shaped mountains, a golden beach connecting the two worlds of sand and water, and all in all a scene out of fairy tales and Arabian night stories. 

  • Darak wildlife

Northern palm squirrel is one of the land animals hopping from tree to tree in Darak. Turtle species such as the loggerhead sea turtle, the green sea turtle, and Hawksbill sea turtle are seen in Darak shore in certain times of year. Other sea animals like the beaked sea snake, the Persian Gulf sea snake, and the blue-banded sea snake also swim the waters meeting the Darak desert.

  • Where to stay in Darak Desert

Camping in Darak will doubtlessly be one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. Grab your tent and pack your meals an enjoy a night at the beautiful spot off the beaten track.

If you would rather stay in one of the traditional local houses in Zarabad village, then the choice is yours! By doing so, you will also be partaking in sustainable tourism and help develop the local village life.

  • Surrounding attractions Darak Desert

Zarabad village is a pristine and untouched example of Bandari village life in Iran. Not yet touched by the modernized hands of technology and globalization, this village is one of the must-see places on the Iran touristic spots list.

(Note: traveling to Chabahar and visiting the beautiful desert of Darak does not need a visa. Learn more about the visa free regions of Iran here)

Artin Travel Desert Tours

customize your tour

Allow our local guide to take you to the beauties of desert flora and fauna while also providing you with a realistic understanding of the desert ecosystem’s fine balance of life. Imagine wandering through the desert in the manner of the past, discovering a natural spring gushing from the side of a dune’s heart.

Whether it is a photography book you want to make of Iran picture-esque deserts, or just a challenging desert expedition we will make it happen.

11iran desert adventure and tour

Iran Desert Adventures with Artin Travel

Team of Experts

We’ve spent over a decade honing our knowledge and ability to cater to our clients’ every need, as well as cultivating outstanding relationships with locals and sourcing unique experiences, boutique hotels, and tour guides.

Innovative and creative

Our pioneering and careful approach to fresh and imaginative itineraries stems from our extensive travel experience and destination knowledge.

Environmental sensitivity

We make every effort to operate our trips in a way that has a positive and friendly impact on the environment. In the office, we follow the same environmentally responsible policy.


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How many deserts are in Iran?

This is due to the fact that about one-third of Iran is desert. There are two main deserts and many smaller ones in the country. However, if you look at the map of Iran more carefully, you will understand that in addition to the deserts, about one-third of the country is mountains.

11Iran tours in Deserts Artin Travel

Iran Desert Tours FAQ

What is the best time to visit Iran deserts?

The best time to take any of the Iran desert tours is in spring and fall, especially October and April when weather is most suitable for leisurely treks and desert activities.

What do I need to pack to visit Iran deserts?

some of the things you need to pack with yourself to hike or camp in Iran deserts are sunscreen, particularly if you’re going on a long camel ride. Bottled water, wet wipes, a sleeping pack, zipped-pocket clothing, and an external battery charger.

What should I wear on a desert hike?

When hiking in the desert, dress in breathable, lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothes. Long sleeves and trousers are advised to help protect the skin from the light, but avoid the temptation to dress in as little as possible.

Is Iran a desert country?

although Iran weather can get really hot in some areas of the country during summer, Iran does not have an arid climate and is in no way similar to a desert. in fact, Iran has four seasons during each of which a unique attraction appears!

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